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  1. I don't know if I am alone in receiving this from Greg at Tradervue because I requested it, but anyway it seems worth sharing for those who don't know - Hi Peter, FYI, you can now choose between live and sim trades when using the DAS auto-importer in Tradervue. If you are importing both live and sim, we recommend using account tags (silver and gold plan only) to keep your trades separated: https://blog.tradervue.com/2012/11/12/using-multiple-trading-accounts/ https://blog.tradervue.com/2016/05/05/improved-account-tags/ Thanks! Greg
  2. That seems like a good idea, as various grades of computer failure are bad for the heart rate. But if I use it I'll probably set it wider than my daily rules and just have it as a backstop.
  3. The Trader Work Station updates automatically which is all very nice, but is not necessarily the best route to speed and stability as Microsoft demonstrate so superbly. There is another version of TWS which does not auto update and which you might prefer using, which you download once and then it stays the same. As this is IB they do a fine job of hiding it. If you want to try it you will have to hunt around, can't remember where it is, type in "downloadable" in their search or something. But it does exist even though I started doubting it myself last time I hunted. It looks the same, with the unfriendly charting and all the other things you may not like, but it doesn't have to waste time looking for updates. It may or may not help with your IB user experience.
  4. Thanks for a really useful way to keep position sizing logical, even in the heat of the moment. It's a shame that when you've sorted out a trade with a really tight stop it tends to get thrown out for having insufficient buying power. Is DAS capable of handling the logic of ordering the lesser of two numbers, and is there a member of BBT able and willing to supply the code?
  5. Thanks for the response. Exponential on both. Comparing the price data on the two charts shows a high during 2013 on Tradestation of $547 and on DAS $180. I guess it probably comes down to how the data is/isn't adjusted - for splits, dividends etc. Whilst trading in this room I've been surprised at how effective the 200ma can be on the 1 minute chart - maybe there's greater agreement about what this price should be (although still with the complication of traders having the choice of using ema or sma).
  6. I've just been looking at the 200 moving average on the daily chart of MBVX, after the close on July 9th. I've got the exponential, set on Close, with 3 years of data, and the figure on DAS is reading as $1.269. Looking at the same settings on Tradestation, the 200 ema is reading as $2.17. Are others seeing the same alternative facts as myself? Have I loused up some setting? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks
  7. I also like to add ATR to a 1 minute chart, to try to stop myself from entering too large a position. If you use the standard setting of 14 it takes a significant amount of time for the indicator to catch up with the jump in volatility that usually occurs at the Open. If you change the setting to 1 then you get constant updates. Hover the cursor to judge the current average. Of course position size should really be determined by where the stop is going to go, but having the ATR showing just helps me a bit with a quick reality check.
  8. Hi Vince There's always a load of Peters in every chat - I'm Peter S though you won't hear a lot from me as like a lot of other members I'm silent most of the time the market is open. That's a refreshingly open statement, and I have to take my hat off to you for your commitment. Those are tough life choices to make. I'll confess I had to Google Nofap and it's an interesting movement (!). I know some traders in the UK pay a lot to rent a desk in a trading gallery just so they stay focused on trading and avoid the distractions which are readily available at the click of a button. Years ago I heard of some old guy saying that losing his libido had been liberating. Having an active sex drive had been "like being chained to a lunatic". One thing I noticed on your trading record is you're not showing the date of the trade, though that may just be a hidden column. Best of luck with all your challenges
  9. Thanks for underlining the point about caution early on in the session. A mnemonic to help my poor memory - beware New York Sharks Early in the session No insult to New Yorkers in general intended
  10. Robert, thanks for the comment about the NYSE. It's reminded me of previous acerbic comments I've heard about the NYSE boys. I've added the 'Exchange' column in to my market viewer and started compiling a list.
  11. So it turned out that CPE was controlled today by a limited number of large players. I was wondering if there is any additional way to screen stocks in advance as there's always a shortage of time in the first 15 minutes of trading for following niceties like watching Time and Sales for a while to judge the tempo. But looking at the chart again maybe 1 million volume in the first minute with only a 6 cent range should be read as a warning that this will stock will struggle to go anywhere? Fwiw todays price action is sandwiched between the 200 sma and 200 ema on the daily chart
  12. I've just signed up for the Tradervue gold package which costs $49 per month so I was a bit surprised to receive an invoice for $39.20. The explanation is that years ago I followed a link from BigMike which offered a 20% discount for his 'Elite' members, which I had already shelled out for. Mike professionalised the website name ages ago, but the offer is still there. A one off payment of $100 secures a $9.80 per month discount. https://futures.io/elite_membership/guest Elsewhere on this forum there's been a discussion of tax. I'm in the UK so my requirements differ from many here, but I think it's going to be very helpful that after Tradervue has pulled information from a number of brokers, with gold and silver packages this data can then be exported to Excel.
  13. I know this is basic, but how do you get to draw a trend line on DAS in the first place? I mean a sloping line, not a horizontal level.
  14. Hi Toto I'm trading from the UK. To trade the US market I have my US account in USD. It's unfortunate that by converting currencies you are in effect taking a single (currency) trade on your entire US trading account, but I don't really see that it is avoidable. There's a lot of risk in this game. In my opinion, the single biggest risk is that you open a brokerage account with a firm run by a crook/pillar of the establishment like John Corzine. Currencies move but generally they don't go to zero, so in the scheme of things, the currency risk is significant, but not total. You never know, it's about 50/50 whether you make or lose on the currency exchange rate in the long term, so it could work in your favour.
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