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  1. DAS support is pretty good at getting back to you, so hopefully they'll have an answer for you
  2. It's funny what that can fix with a simple program like DAS. Just make sure that you copy all your files to a new place. File menu, tools, Back Up Settings, will make a zip file of all your settings on your desktop.
  3. That is REALLY unusual, particularly because of that one random 0 on the asks list... I definitely have not seen this before, but I'm thinking it's because of your specific setup/computer. I'd highly recommend asking @KyleK29about this, and maybe try reinstalling DAS (as that seems to fix some of the weird issues). Your network delay is fine in my opinion, but it seems like the list wasn't rendering except for that one "0" size...
  4. I can't see the pictures... However, I have not experienced that in almost three years of using DAS. A few months back, several people were having issues with bids/asks reversed spread, but they got that worked out.
  5. @KyleK29 I tried with him today, but apparently I don't know buttons as well as I thought...
  6. I'm not sure about the interest if you aren't using margin, I wouldn't think there would be any, but your brokerage should be clear about the rate somewhere on their site. Unless you cancel your order, or it hits its expiry, it will remain open even with your computer or trading platform shut down. I'll attach an example of available times in force on DAS trader. For example, if you select DAY as the expiry, unless that order gets filled, it will cancel at 4pm Eastern. If you select GTC, the order will remain open until it's filled or you manually cancel it.
  7. I meant the far right! haha Oh well... I saw an "OTC" option there and they have free membership options.
  8. When entry and exit on the nearest cent or second isn't critical, most of the "free" brokerages should be perfectly adequate. You'll have limitations of "settling periods" and PDT limitations if you're in the US though. Not critical, but you'll have to restrain yourself a little if you're using your full capital.
  9. Have you tried Tradingview? On the far left is a filters button. https://www.tradingview.com/screener/
  10. https://bearbulltraders.com/course/strategy/lesson/options/
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