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  1. Welcome to the BBT Family. I too tried to trade with Ross. I tried for 3 years before I finally realized I could not trade that style and I found the BBT family. It has still taken me over a year to feel like I now know what works and doesn't alone with working on the phycology side. You will love it here because there are plenty of styles and approaches to trading and you can incorporate that into your own style. Good luck.
  2. Kamal, If you are still interested in joining a small group, let me know. I joined BBT back in August and joined a small group on Discord. We have had some come and go, but at the moment we are looking for individuals who are willing to chat with us pre-market and into the open if that is what you might like. We have talked a lot about indicators, different strategies and changed how we look at the market and the information we use to make decisions. We do expect individuals to take part in the chat and sharing your trades so we can discuss and help each other get better. Let me know if you are interested in checking us out.
  3. Here is the link to our discord server: https://discord.gg/KT2VP54G
  4. Saw your message in the chat about looking for a trading partner. I actually have a Discord group, but have had trouble keeping people in the group and getting people to chat and discuss trades. I have traded on an off for 3 years, but only tried one strategy and never made money from it. Basically there is myself and one other that chat each morning and then on an off during the say. We discuss our strategies and what we are trying to do and post our trades. Then we comment and try and keep each other focused. If you are interested in joining and chatting with us, let me know.
  5. I am part of a small group that came from BBT. We have different traders in our group, but we are looking for individuals who are willing to chat on a regular basis. We have a couple members who don't talk and just text and what we really want are individuals who will share their thoughts, strategies so we can all improve. Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts. Thank you
  6. Jeff, welcome to BBT and the world of trading. It is exciting and frustrating at the same time.

    One word of advice for you, the most important element of being a good trader, is understanding the physiology of trading.

    BBT talk about it a lot, however, there is a great 4 part YouTube video by Mark Douglas that I recommend you watch. I wish I had watched this when I first started.

    Good luck. 

    1. Jeff S.

      Jeff S.

      Nice to meet you Robert.  Thank you for the advice, I've added Mark's videos to my pre-SIM list!


  7. I moved to the states in 1989 with HP/ I was married and then moved to MD for 27 years and now am in NC. Hoping to trade for a living and enjoy life and possibly doing a little traveling.
  8. Ross is good and very fast, in and out. I like BBT because they look at higher floats and gives me time to decide if I'm in or out of a trade. I understand the entire concept of trading, but BBT has done a better job explain a few details which I like. Ross lately has been doing some crazy stuff, but no way can I do what he does.
  9. Have any of you got together yet? I'm new to the area and the BBT team. I've been attempting to trade for sometime now, and hoping the BBT team and knowledge will get me on the right path.
  10. Hi everyone, I am new to BBT community, however I have listened to Carlos and Norm on YouTube on an off for a while now. I am currently a Project Manager managing the development and support of software applications used on the Healthcare side of the DoD. I have been in this role for 20 years now. Before that I worked for Hewlett Packard on the medical side (Which most didn't know existed). I worked for HP in the support and sales side for a little over 18 years. As you can see I am a little older, at the age of 58. I am originally from Canada, love hockey, both playing and coaching and I now live in NC with my wife. I started learning about trading a couple years ago through Warrior Trading. I took Rosses courses, went through my time on the simulator and thought I had it figured out. I have gone back and forth with live trading and the simulator several times attempting to figure out my strategy. I came to realize that what I thought was a strategy wasn't and I have not done well. I joined BBT 2 weeks ago and just listening to all the moderators and going through the courses, I have learned so much about what to look for and why and where and how to set my stop. I have made a big effort in spending more time looking at charts and looking at patterns. I have come to realize that low float stocks are not for me and trading in the open isn't for me either. Wish I learned that before. So enough of that, but I can say that I am excited with what I have learned and looking forward to making some small wins and becoming a much better trader with the help or the team. Thank you
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