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  1. Hi Robert, Yes, I would be interested in joining this group. Thanks, Adi
  2. Hello BBT community! This is Adi and I am looking for a trading partner who could tag team with me so that we can share each other's trades, strategies etc that could hopefully avoid one's common pitfalls, mistakes by having an extra set of eyes. I have over 1 year of day trading experience (6-7 months in sim). I have done ok so far but the inconsistency is kind of eating me up from inside. I am mainly a reversal trader and sometimes, if the stock sets up, I trade 1-min ORBs. In addition, I also have a long term account with dividend stocks which I don't mess with and I am doing good on that. So if anyone needs help in long term stock selection, I would be glad to help out. But it's mainly the day trading part I can use help with that could push me over the line for consistency. If interested, pls reach out to me at adithya_ramamurthy@yahoo.com BR, Adi
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