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  1. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anybody else is experiencing this issue or if someone know how to fix it. Sometimes my hotkeys don't ''register'' on DAS, I click it and nothing happens, no orders are being sent. I checked the messages in the montage and there is nothing so my order isn't rejected and it happens for long and shorts so its not because there is no shares for short either. I can also buy a bigger order be alright and later in the day a small order and it doesn't register. My last guess is that it may be my keyboard but I doubt it. I tested my keyboard keys and I did not have any issue. Do you guys have any idea of what's happening? Thanks a lot
  2. Hey guys! After looking at my trading journal for the past 2 months I have come to the conclusion that 5 minutes ORB is the strategy that gives the potential for the biggest gains, BUT every time I get stomped by the market is also because of this strategy. I was wondering if more experienced guys came to the same conclusion or if I'm missing some info that gets me in this situation. When I'm looking to trade an ORB I look for 3 things: -Lot of volume -Not too volatile/choppy -A clean candlestick (5 minutes) For now the two solution that I found are buying smaller size or limiting myself to 1 ORB per day. What are you guys doing to minimize your risk on ORB's? Are you watching different data when looking for an entry?
  3. I wake up 2 hours and 30 minutes before market open. I make sure to eat and take a coffee. The next two hours are about getting to a point were I feel really awake and alert so I do a light workout, I do chores and I read the news. The last half hour is spent making my watchlist with Andrew and going over what I need to work on. If I don't feel woken up yet I just drink a ton of coffee. So that's it! Hope this helps you in your journey.
  4. I got hotkeys set up at -20 cents and +20 cents (Ctrl+B for short trades and Ctrl+S for long) that I enter as soon as I get into trades so the market can't screw me too much. Then, I double click on my stop order so the price and the amount of shares are filled in the boxes. Then I change the trigger price to be exactly where I want it and click the replace button. That's the quickest and safest way I found to enter a stop loss. The only thing you have to pay attention to with this setup is to remember to switch the amount of shares on your stop loss when you sell some and put your stop at break even. If not your gonna end up buying some shares to the other side. I hope this helps.
  5. Nice! It looks a lot like my days actually. I'm curious about your printed trades, do you go back to them? make some sort of stats?
  6. I 100% agree! Since I read Trading in the zone I don't try to predict what the market is about to do since it's unpredictable. But it can only go up or down so I have a 50% chance of being right (plus a slight edge due to indicators) so I don't torture myself with 'reading' the market and just throw a tight stop loss on a good entry so my risk/reward ratio is super high. that way I still have a 50% chance of winning plus if I win I have at least 2 times what I risked so now my overall risk of losing money is getting pretty low. Anyway, the book does a better job explaining it with great analogies that make it really simple to understand. And you can't miss the message that he is trying to give because because he repeats it like 200 times trough out the book. It is annoying but these principles need to get in your head and stay there. To me this is the book that helped me the most so far!
  7. Jesus you guys like to overkill your setups. Mine got tie-wrap holding the cooler of my processor, duct tape holding the fans, and holes drilled in the case for bigger vents that fits my fan.. Cost me 600$ with 2 screens and i've been gaming on it for 5 years without problem... But it looks cool I'll give you that ;)
  8. I was wondering what are the different work ethics that you guys use to get better at trading? By that I mean sleep pattern, coffee/drug/alcohol consumption, reading books and how you take notes and how do you remind yourself of your weaknesses during trading? Maybe we can learn from one another. I try my best to sleep at least 8 hours and never take any medicine/drugs or alcohol unless it's friday or saturday I wake up 2 hours and 30 minutes before market open so I'm fully awake by 9:30. During this period I ate and I did a couple push up and squats to wake me up I go over my plan and what I want to work on (ex: tightening my stop losses). I start trading. Every time I finish a trade I stand up and move around a bit to calm myself and assess my emotions (I want to be fully stoic while trading) When I'm done trading I do my own recap quickly and take a break Later in the day I go over my recap and I look for what I did great and what I need to work on next time. I got a spreadsheet with things I have to work on and five squares next to them. Every time I see a weakness I write it and every day that I did not do this mistake I check one square. If I make the same mistake I erase all the check marks . when all the squares are filled I erase that line. I put a post it on my screen with the mistakes that I have the most trouble with. I have to read at least one hour a day when I start a new book. When I finish the books I write all my notes into a one page word document and print it. I go over theses notes at least once a week. I wait a couple of weeks before starting a new book because I know that I will forget what most of it was about if I don't let the information sink in. It's important to remember what you studied and not just fill your head with information that is not helpful. So for a few weeks I just go over the notes so I remember all of the important information and forget what is useless. Then I start a new book that talks about one of the things I need to work on. Keep in mind I don't consider myself a successful trader yet but I would say that my work ethics as been what made me successful in most of my endeavor this far. I hope this can help some people that are willing to put the effort but did not learn a proper work ethic and I'm sure that I will learn a lot from all of your routines as I know this is what makes or breaks great people!
  9. Wow thanks I will add all these to my list for sure! I just started welcome into my trading room yesterday and I like it so far. I think that every time that I finish a book (good or bad) I will make a review on the forum so everyone can compare notes and learn from one another. Plus if the book is bad it might save a lot of people time! Anyway keep it up we are getting a pretty good library here!
  10. Hey Cass, it works by tickets that means it would only be one fee but if you slowly sell your share it would be a fee each time you push your sell hotkey. So for a 1000 shares: -Buy 1000 = 1 ticket -sell half = 1 ticket -sell quarter = 1 ticket -sell the last piece = 1 ticket So 4 tickets at 4.95 is 19.8$ for the whole trade! If you are wondering what I mean by tickets, you can see them go up in you account window of Das. Francois
  11. Yeah sure! First of all i'll say that the book is a bit overwhelming and it's not aimed at stock traders. The strategies used in this book are mostly for futures and he did a pretty good job explaining in details why he prefers trading them instead of stocks. What is great about this book if you are a stock trader is the way John wants you to think when you're trading. He is always thinking about beating the other traders instead of thinking about his moving averages and what not. The book also features a lot of strategies and technical indicators that were completely new to me. The book is heavy in information but it is very fun to read because you can feel the passion of John F. Carter trough his book. The man is crazy about day trading and is clearly a true master of the markets! So that was my review of mastering the trade. I hope I hyped at least one of you enough to read it! Alex I'll try this book too! Thanks for the idea. Francois
  12. Hey everybody! I'm Francois and I live in Canada. I'm 23 and I work in construction since I'm out of school but I hate it! So now that I've accumulated enough money I'm trying to switch careers! I feel confident that in 1-2 month i'll be a full time day trader but for now i'm mostly flat
  13. Hey everybody! I just finished mastering the trade by John F. Carter and it really opened my eyes on a whole new level of day trading! So I was wondering what books did this to other people. I'll add to the list "trading in the zone by Mark Douglas" that gave me a lot of confidence when trading and turned my trading from negative to flat in my first two months of trading.
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