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  1. Thanks so much Robert - much appreciated!
  2. "Questrade has L2 and no required minimum. Their platform–IQ Edge–isn’t the greatest, but it supports basic hotkeys. I have my TFSA, RRSP, and a Margin account with Questrade. Commissions are relatively cheap compared to other Canadian brokers." Hi Robert Do you day trade with the Questrade Margin account and use the IQ platform? I went through the options for FTSA,RRSP -> seems you can hold in USD and also day/swing trade, but TFSA and RRSP accounts have no Margins. Is that correct? I couldn't quite figure out what the Margin was as they used percentages and not direct 2:1, 4:1 etc. Do you know? Sorry for all the questions! TJ
  3. TJ

    New Broker Announcement: CME Group

    Perfect timing, I was looking at tradezero and TC2000. I have hot keys and like the DAS platform so this will be a great transition from my Sim account
  4. I am curious if anyone can share their pre-market routine. Do you have a website you visit to get a feel of the market, build a potential long/short list before Andrew's, go for a run or have a good breakfast/lunch/dinner (depending on where you are in the world? At this point, I am trying to get a routine going as I just started paper trading this week and curious about your ideas.

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