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  1. As of August 2018 IB now officially only requires $2000 to trade on margin: https://www.investopedia.com/news/interactive-brokers-eliminates-10000-account-minimum/
  2. Maybe it's because everyone wants to be effective and once you reach your goal, maybe you lose effectiveness. Or maybe it's like when you're at work and you get a project done early and then you usually piss around for a bit because you're done your work anyway, so you can do what you want now. Or it could be a probability thing, as in the more you trade the more chances there are that something could go wrong. Or maybe everyone has a subconscious limit of money that they believe they should earn each year and they get uncomfortable if they think they're going past that, so they subconsciously sabotage themselves to match their perceived income limit that they think they deserve. Who knows.
  3. In regards to finding a broker, if you go to aretheyregistered.ca and click the orange button you can enter any broker name in the search and it will show you their status and whether they are legit.
  4. Hi vchandra11, I really liked the slickness of the TD platform but I didn’t use it very long because I will stick with Questrade because of the lower fees. Im sure someone else has tried TD.
  5. Thanks so much, Robert H. I have a paper account with a Questrade and just signed up to try thinkorswim with TD, but probably won’t stick with them because Questrade’s fees are lower, though you’re right that their platform is not the best.
  6. Ian there a $10,000 account minimum for IB? For Canadians or just Americans? I think I remember Andrew saying that there is no minimum for Canadians, or am I mistaken? If there is a minimum, what Canadian brokers have a lower minimum and support Level II?
  7. Would like a Canadian to chime in on how they handle their taxes.
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