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  1. Hi Jarad, Appreciate the work! I thought the Volume by Price chart (bar chart to right of candle price chart) is a representative of the distribution chart; usually mean distribution has a single peak, but these always show two peaks. Can you comment on why this is? Thanks!
  2. Big thanks to Andrew for his infectious enthusiasm! really appreciated meeting the other members, and the discussions were very insightful. Thanks for the time & effort to make a very memorable meeting!
  3. Banff Ave Brewing Company is a decent place to meet casually. 110 Banff Ave, 2nd Floor 2nd Floor Clocktower Village Mall, Banff, Banff National Park, Alberta T0E 1E0 Canada. Going to be rainy tmrw, so I think patio/outdoor meeting is out... I am arranging to be there around 1PM
  4. Hi Andrew, do you have a place/time in mind? I would like to meet, but will need to juggle some things to make it work Alternatively, we could try to arrange something before you head back to Vancouver.
  5. No Problem Andrew. take the time to get well; Mt Athabasca is a proper mountain, and you want to be in top shape to make the most of your trip out here! The next week probably works better for me anyhow. Safe travels
  6. Hi Andrew, Please give a time & place on Saturday; Will endeavor to make my schedule work. What date/route are you planning to return to Vancouver?
  7. Can possibly make my schedule work to meet in Banff Jun 27-30. Easily meet in Banff, Lake Louise, Field, etc July 1-7. All depends on your schedule Andrew! Hope to see you G
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