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  1. One note on "Enable Auto Stop" as it might just stop you RIGHT AWAY on choppy stocks when you're close to the max loss level. Be careful with this setting.
  2. I just have exactly the same moving average lines as Andrew's. 9 EMA, 20 EMA, 50 SMA, 200 SMA, VWAP and previous close on EVERY CHART. I have 3 charts with my montage: 1min, 5min and daily.
  3. I would wait until it breaks the high of the day. Any other scenarios are still very obscure as we don't have any resistance/support levels and no shares to short! It's the best to have an Alert (on Das) at the high of the day and it will notify us on time :)
  4. I ran Parallels on my MacBook Pro (i7, 8Gb RAM) and it was running good. However, after I bought an external monitor (Zenscreen mb16ac) and tried to pop up more charts from Das Trader Pro, I started having problem with as Das kept popping errors. I intended to change to a Windows PC but after checking with Bootcamp, the whole new setup ran perfectly with Windows 10. Give it a try to see if it works, guys :)
  5. It's all your calculated risk/reward ratio, just that.
  6. Dima, we should never have such a bias at the beginning of a trading session as a day trader. Market can go either way, we should wait for the confirmation of the trend to make proper decision. If you go through a lot of trades, you can see that some stocks drop below VWAP but then jump back up immediately, OR stay just below VWAP for a while as a consolidation, then suddenly pop up. We need to see how the market goes and follow it.
  7. I would wait for a proper entry and not chase it. I need confirmation that the trend is strong and I would consider an entry on breakout (high volume, higher highs higher lows) OR with ABCD pattern on the 1st drop or 2nd drop. From the 3rd drop onwards, the stock might go either ways, either a correction or an actual reversal, we would NEVER know until it's confirmed. I would make a stop loss order below the breakout point or the low of the drop and let it go :)
  8. My questions for this: - What is your broker? Those stocks like RCON can NOT be shorted on Interactive Broker, for example, so it's good to know that some brokers have stocks for short. - Do you have a target in mind before/after entering a trade? What is your risk/reward ratio? - Based on the criteria: 1) High volume in the dominant trend direction: - how high to consider high volume? 2) Did not follow through to break previous high: - how do we know exactly when/where to enter? - where should we put stop? 3) Signs of opposite direction strength coming into play - what are the signs? I just want to learn from your experience, so it's the best if you can share it. Thanks.
  9. FrankLea, my script is working with Das sim but it might still have some bugs :D Can you just send your trade csv file to me ([email protected]) and I'll debug it then? :)
  10. Jason, you need to use the their spreadsheet template file and fill your data in. If you use something else, it won't work! My tool uses their template and do all the filling from the Das Trader log file automatically :)
  11. That's Trading in the Zone for me. After reading this, I can consistently achieve my target without much regret on doing wrong. The book has lots of repetition but as long as you capture the idea (summary on last chapter), you'll be on the way. I would recommend this to everyone who is still struggling to find way to consistently profitable trading.
  12. Hey guys, If you're using TradeBench as online trading journal and Das Trader Pro as trading platform, I have a tool here https://anhkind.github.io/tradehelper/converters that helps convert Das Trader Pro trades log file into valid spreadsheet file for import on TradeBench. I wrote it for my own usage and I just love to share with you guys. To use it, just simply export the your trades for the day and name the file with the date, e.g. 2018-01-13.csv, then drag and drop the file to the dashed box. The site will generate a spreadsheet file and you can use that file to import to TradeBench. Finally, this tool DOES NOT steal any of your trading data. If you find it fits your situation (especially those on simulation), feel free to use. If not, please just skip it.
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