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  1. Hey, I'm also using bootcamp on my MacBook Pro (13inch 32gbRam 512GB i7 processor) but I'm running into constant issues I'm wondering if it's the lack of power on this machine (btw i'm running two dell ultrasharp 24inch monitors) or if it's an issue with running native windows on mac via bootcamp. Would really appreciate any feedback. I'm considering upgrading to the new Macbook Pro 16inch but if getting a windows based laptop provides the stability I'm after then I'll go for something other than a macbook. As I'm writing this I've noticed now my bluetooth mouse is lagging I've never had so many issues on my computer! Can't help but think it's dowmn to running windows on Mac. One last thing with all the problems I've been having especially with DAS Trader it still works bootcamp still works better than virtual platforms such as Parallel.
  2. Dude, I love your layout and colour styling I also prefer black but I havent managed to get the look you have achieved, any chance you can share it with me? Pleeeeeese
  3. Great night - Big thanks, to the Big Man himself Andrew, and everyone tonight what a great crowd, absolute pleasure meeting all of you!
  4. Hey, I'd very much like to join the London meet up. Rachid
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