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  1. Any pros/cons of these routes. What should I be putting into my Hotkeys?? Have been chasing an answer for this since the hicup the other day last week. Do I use MArket/Limit/SMART/LAMP/PDQ and WHY???? Thanks
  2. Any ideas why in Replay mode the SP of all stocks are all the same. Every stock I've tried as of 2 Jan is at $40, even AAPL and TESLA. Great if you can get it!!!
  3. I am new too but if you have a stop loss order in already, maybe via the hot key when you went long, you will have to cancel your stop first before taking a partial. DAS has already used your position in a stop loss, though not annotated on your chart, so when you try to get out (sell) it thinks you now want to go short, which you can’t due to SSR! Clear as mud?!
  4. Have just downloaded the BBT DAS Sim package and it's as per Roberts above. Have I got an Older version running the SIM???
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