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  1. My set-up !...kind of ( Gaming computer I built for my kiddos....used to trade during the day Also used for Audio Mixing/Editing ) MSI Gaming Mother Board Coffee Lake Intel Core i7 CPU 32Gig RAM NViDIA GE Force 1070Ti GPU Corsair Liquid Cooled Intel Optane Memory M.2 Chip >> Linked to 4TB Hybrid HDD + 2TB HDD Samsung 2TB SSD (Operating System) 2x 27" Dell Full HD Gaming Monitors (Spendy 2x 27" ACER Full HD Monitors ( Recently added & Budget friendly models) MacBook Pro with Bootcamp (WIndows 10) ...for backup
  2. In regards to HotKey scripts... Is it necessary to set positive or negative values on the trail price for Short Trail vs. Long Trail ? ....or does the Buy or Sell stop order determine that automatically ?
  3. Hi ! My name is Ryan, RHadley is my user name, I believe. Father of 3, VERY YOUNG Grandfather of 2...clocking in at 43 yrs old, I think ? ...and we are in the northwest burbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. My background... I am a Journeyman Electrician of 20+ years. Most of that time spent working in Minnesota & the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. 2 years ago I was hired as a data center Operating Engineer for Optum Services, Inc....the technology division of United Health Group. When not working...I am camping, backpacking, kayaking, listening to music or road tripping to go do any or all of those things...either that or at my son’s hockey practice/game/tournament, which is ALMOST a second job. Very much a newbie at day trading ! My only brush/experience remotely related would be activly managing/trading my retirement accounts & a small “fun” account at Robinhood. All of which I’ve been doing almost blind, very little education, research or method behind my moves. A wee bit of news, gut instinct and advice from my dad is all. I’m not currently down or out money...but not very up either... Strange right !?! I can’t claim I’ve always wanted to be a day trader or been in to finances for that matter BUT !! I’m 43....having just barely made it through the 2nd Great Depression around 10 years ago, especially in the construction trades...I am highly motivated to learn a new trade and in a very serious, very calculated risk/reward way, make up for lost time. My current job is a good one and I plan to keep it through retirement. I’m more behind a desk these days than working with tools, it’s a good balance....and also gives me the unique opportunity to focus on other things, such as day trading. I pack 40 hours in Friday night through Monday morning and I am off work M-F. I am very optimistic about having joined this group and look forward to picking your brains for all the advice/education I can get...or you can stand. If you see me out there...be nice ! I’m kinda socially introverted, even via text/online. Take Care ! Thanks for your time !
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