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  1. Thanks for your input, Rob! I have work to do the coming months!! And no problem for the delay. It's like trading: waiting patiently haha. Good luck with your trading.
  2. Hi Rob, First of all: respect to your discipline and courage to write down all your trades in this BBT-Forum! Indeed, at BBT there is almost no mentioning (and no trading?) in futures. As I am now doing research in pivot point-trading, I am also interested in trading futures. But, there are some obstacles. The main one at this moment is that I cannot find the right symbols on the DAS platform. Can you give me some examples? For example, I tried symbols like ESK22, #ESK22, ESK2, #ESK2, ES0522, ES05-22, etc etc. It just doesn't work. DAS only gives 'Symbol Not Found'. As far as I know, I have the BBT-DAS-IB-package, including e-mini. And you write that you use 'NinjaTrader' as platform for futures. Would you (strongly?) recommend that above the DAS platform? And can you tell me what the costs are for NinjaTrader? I know that NinjaTrader has all the pivot-indicators from Frank Ochoa, so that is also very nice to have. Do you use DAS ánd NinjaTrader? If you have any more information that I can use at the moment: please let me know. I would appriciate that very much! And I might also post my journals when I am ready to start live trading. As you write, it will give the accountability I need for my trading. Thanks and kind regards, Peter
  3. Hey Peter,

    leuk een fellow BBT'er in Nederland! Toevallig nog meer Nederlanders tegengekomen? Zou leuk zijn om een netwerkje te vormen. Fijne avond nog!

    Gr. David

  4. Hi fellow traders, I'm very interested in using these hotkeys. Can anyone tell me where to find the spreadsheet? Thx!
  5. Thanks for your comment, Justin. Yes, I'd like to use this tool. But, as we say in the Netherlands: I can't see the forest, because of all the trees. There is so much information! I know there is a succes webinar from Kyle about this tool, so I'll watch that one of these days. My question for now is: What is the script to buy a position worth $ 5.000? Is that something like: ROUTE=SMRTL;Price=Ask;Share=5000/Price;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send I will try this tomorrow (in SIM of course )
  6. Hi, I notice the hotkeys mentioned in this forum for entering a trade are with a percentage of Buying power, or risk-oriented. Is it also possible to create a hotkey for , let's say a $ 5,000 position? Example: I want to buy ROKu for max. $5,000. The hotkey divides $ 5,000 by the last price and rounds it down. $ 5,000 / $ 126.66 = 39.48. Pressing the hotkey will send an order for 39 shares. Or is this 'not done' and should I start getting used to work with risk-oriented size? Thanks for your help.
  7. Oops!! Still have a lot to learn :-(. I want to share this with the BBT-community, and will work on it, so I can show a 'better' checklist next time. I don't want to hide from my mistakes, as being conscious of them will be the first step to work on them!! BTW: even if I break a rule occasionally (and follow them most of the time) I decided to cross the 'Yes'. I need to see it Black/white. Breaking the rule once is breaking the rule. Anyone else who dares to show his/her checklist?
  8. This is exactly the safeline that I need!! Like William I can't trust myself. So great of you to express this loud, William! @WilliamH I will use this risk controls from now on. It's another step towards getting disciplined :-). Thanks for the video.
  9. In that case, I will have to fund more money. Or trade less (no option ). I have no idea why TWS is slower, but that's what I understood from the info at the forum. Do you have a better experience with TWS?
  10. Hi WilliamH, Thanks for your explanation! I did indeed expect that DAS would give me the correct fees, so it is good to know that it is not. My initial post was not about the fees btw. I probably didn't make myself clear. When using TWS, you still pay for the data ($ 45). And DAS with data is $ 150. So that is a difference of about $ 100. I made my choice and just subscribed for the DAS platform. Responsive time is important! So coming week I'll have a live account with IB and DAS. Starting easy (small size, few trades), as I am pretty busy with my 'normal' job at the moment. I am curious whether IB will place the PDT rule on my account or not. While I'm not a US resident.
  11. Hi CassA. It certainly helps. The platform should response immediately. This seconds count a lot for the way I daytrade, so it will be DAS. Coincidentally, I read today in the first book of Andrew that he does not recommend TWS for daytrading. It might look like saving money, but it will probably cost more money in the end. Thanks!
  12. Hi, I've read the posts about TWS from IB and I understand it's better to pay a $ 100 more and get the DAS platform, right? Can anybody tell me if TWS has ECN? And is it possible to configurate the charts in white/black, as many BBT-members have? Thanks All other suggestions are also welcome !!
  13. Step 2. Complete the Authorization form below and submit a copy of your government issued ID with the IB Attestation Agreement. What is this 'IB Attestation Agreement'? How do I get that? Thanks.
  14. Ah great! Thanks PeterB!! Yes, I didn't think there would be anyone to see both of my messages haha. But you apparantly see it all :-).
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