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  1. I'm up for this also! Always good to chat to fellow traders!
  2. Would like to reiterate, great work in having Dr. Steenbarger on a podcast for the community. I have a view on the mindset for trading, it would be great to here Dr. Steenbarger's view: There should be neither desire, or fear, or any kind of emotion while preparing for and during trading. Neither a desire to make money, or to even trade successfully, for the very essence of having a desire/fear can sway ones decision-making away from an as objective as possible decision-making process. (The assumption is, that objective decision making is the ideal decision making process). If this is all true, then we should aim for a mindful state during trading, where there is nothing outside of the very present moment, no fear of the future, or regret of the past. The only aim (from a psychological perspective) before preparation and trading should be to enter a mindful state, where emotions are relinquished, and the optimal state for objective decision making is entered. If maintained, losses/wins should have no impact, allowing objective decision making to continue.
  3. Actually yeah on further review CMEG do offer their own market data package and I see ARCA book as a separate addon. My bad for the confusion - def worth asking CMEG to confirm though.
  4. My understanding is that this is completely DAS related, therefore can be done independent of which broker you use.
  5. Hi All, Having recently joined, posting in this particular thread seemed like a sensible thing to do. I have recently moved to the Vancouver area from the UK and have been exploring the idea of day trading. I came across Andrew's book 'How to day trade for a living', and like many of you, found inspiration in this. I certainly agree that being part of a community of like-minded individuals, and having those more experienced than yourself to learn from is a positive step in the right direction in learning a new skill, and so I proceeded to join the community. Am currently on sim, and am enjoying the experience thus far. It's great to be able to see and hear Andrew trading to get a feel for the way he trades, whilst at the same time seeing what other experiencing traders as well as the community are also thinking. I think the review of trades near the later part of the trading day is a great thing way to expedite the learning process and am finding it very useful myself. Looking forward to more practicing, learning, helping other where I can and actually meeting members in person!
  6. Ah OK, thanks Robert - still working my way through the volume of material on the site.
  7. Hi, Just to add onto this, from my understanding, checking the 'Price axis top bottom margin' box will give a fixed % margin, which, although will increase the likelihood of seeing more price levels, it may not contain all moving averages. To ensure moving averages are seen, you can go to Study Config - ConfigEx (for a given study), and check the Include in scale box. Beware however, if the averages for which this box is checked are significantly far from the candlesticks, then candlesticks can become massively compressed in the chart view, (as Robert H mentioned) impeding further analysis. Please correct me if I'm wrong or you see DAS behaving differently.
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