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  1. @Radek thanks for sharing. Do you use level II for trading ? Because it seems that TWS level II data feed is slower than DAS one.
  2. Hi, Love to get some opinion as well on TC2000. The platform is a beauty.
  3. Just to share this tread of 2020 daily watchlist from @JasonH
  4. Hello guys, What is your experience return using DAS replay feature please? Is it working well and would you recommend it? Thanks
  5. Hi Lane_S, Thanks for sharing. Did you get better on live trading since ? I'm looking for a replay solution as I'm working in France. I'd like to know if Tradingsim is usefull or Das replay is the one .
  6. Thank you very much. Is anyone doing the same work for 2020 ?
  7. Hello, what was the name of the swing course on Udemy you liked please ?
  8. Hi guys, Thanks a lot @peterB for proposing to share. Please keep sharing on this thread (not by private mails please), I'm also interesting in the topic .
  9. Hello, I used to trade forex using a VPS (https://www.tradingfxvps.com/). This way I was able to trade from anywhere even from office . Is it possible to run DAS on this VPS ?
  10. Hi @Anthony, Do you still using Alliance ?
  11. Hi, thank you so much for sharing. I'll follow you for sure on YouTube.
  12. Thanks a lot Zack for sharing your expertise. Do you have other currencies to share ?
  13. Hello, All the best to you for 2019. Thanks for the new format, i will follow it
  14. Hi Zack,

    Have you stop your FX Weekly analysis ?

    1. Zack Zarr

      Zack Zarr

      Been playing around with the format of posts. Just posted the new format. 



    2. tardi44


      Hello Zack

      New format is nice but did you stop weekly updates?

  15. Hello, I wonder about joining Tradestation as an alternative to DAS. Are you all satisfy with Tradestation platform, orders speed and hotkeys features please ? Did someone done the maths comparing DAS/IB subscription + fees vs Tradestation fees ? Thanks for you feedbacks guys
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