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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me. I really like how you use TWS. And yes automatic size calculation is really missing on TWS. I will practice using your advice. By the way do you know what are little red and green small dotted lines on charts please ? I have find the setting for showing trades with triangles but nothing about those small dotted lines:
  2. Hello @Radek, I tried your settings today. Thanks again for sharing. Like the 5 sec chart, looks really interesting to see the momentum. I did really appreciate to this volume and fast/slow orders but would you mind sharing a little more how you use it ? Volume size but also patterns ? Also I used your button settings. Nice but i messed up with sizes and STOP buttons. How do you use them please ? Mental or hard stop ? Also are your a momentum trader as Andrew ?
  3. @Radek thanks for sharing. Do you use level II for trading ? Because it seems that TWS level II data feed is slower than DAS one.
  4. Hi, Love to get some opinion as well on TC2000. The platform is a beauty.
  5. Just to share this tread of 2020 daily watchlist from @JasonH
  6. Hello guys, What is your experience return using DAS replay feature please? Is it working well and would you recommend it? Thanks
  7. Hi Lane_S, Thanks for sharing. Did you get better on live trading since ? I'm looking for a replay solution as I'm working in France. I'd like to know if Tradingsim is usefull or Das replay is the one .
  8. Thank you very much. Is anyone doing the same work for 2020 ?
  9. Hello, what was the name of the swing course on Udemy you liked please ?
  10. Hi guys, Thanks a lot @peterB for proposing to share. Please keep sharing on this thread (not by private mails please), I'm also interesting in the topic .
  11. Hello, I used to trade forex using a VPS (https://www.tradingfxvps.com/). This way I was able to trade from anywhere even from office . Is it possible to run DAS on this VPS ?
  12. Hi @Anthony, Do you still using Alliance ?
  13. Hi, thank you so much for sharing. I'll follow you for sure on YouTube.
  14. Thanks a lot Zack for sharing your expertise. Do you have other currencies to share ?
  15. Hello, All the best to you for 2019. Thanks for the new format, i will follow it
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