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  1. Hey all, Well since I'm going live today - I thought I'd formally introduce myself! I'm Jeremy - married without kids. Live in Seattle for the last 5 years but grew up in Redding, CA (made famous by the Carr Fire this summer). I've worked in retail management for 18 years, the last five being as a Starbucks store manager here in Seattle. I've been in simulator since July - and now it's time to add emotion into the mix I typically trade the 1st hour and then go make coffee for 8 more hours. Working with the public for so long, and interviewing/hiring so many people over the years, I've developed a strength in reading people... I'm finding that it has helped me read the market too. I love all things outdoors, you could consider me a ski bum of sorts in the Winter. Many thanks to Andrew and team for all that you do! See you all in the chat, J
  2. you have to set it to recognize das profile settings... took me a while to figure that out.
  3. No worries jason! I figured out that I needed to create a profile that I could bind to Das - the rest is history. I've been adding buttons etc. Seems to be working well now.
  4. @Jason H. Hey thanks for the buttons and fonts - I too am having trouble linking the hotkeys - I've read and done some searches - can't figure out how DAS does not seem to be effected by stream deck - i'm sure i'm missing something simple - but any suggestion you might have to point me in the right direction would be really awesome. Thanks!
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