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  1. NinjaTrader007

    Elgato Stream Deck

    Whow, that's a steal...I should probably get a second one!
  2. NinjaTrader007

    Bonjour from sunny Florida!

    Spend at least 3 months in SIM and save your capital for later....just trying to be realistic..after 3mo in SIM u will have a much better idea about all the mechanics of day trading. That will give you a bit more time to figure out the broker that works best with strategies you mostly trade. Good luck and as an engineer I would think trouble shooting should be a part of your DNA that could work in your favor but there's a lot of other pitfalls that could still trip you up.
  3. NinjaTrader007

    Intelligently choosing between IB, SpeedTrader and CenterPoint...

    Others you might want to consider w. per ticket commissions are CenterPoint Securities (geared towards high networth individuals) and E-Trade. I have accounts with Fidelity and it's $4.95 per ticket too. I don't have a margin account and cannot say anything about shorts availability with them. Fidelity does have a nice charting (WealthLabsPro) and trading platforms (ActiveTrader Pro) I just have not gotten around to swing and options trading which I plan to do with Fidelity eventually. I am looking at adding an account with per ticket commissions eventually for day trading when I get to the size that you are proposing on a more consistent basis and have grown my current account sufficiently. From what I have heard from other traders CenterPoint or E-Trade is the way to go if you are looking for shares to short a fair amount.
  4. NinjaTrader007

    Ergonomic Hotkeys Layout

    Awesome work ...very creative and empowering SpoTTTrader! Will definitely need to adopt some of your ideas..
  5. NinjaTrader007

    Podcast with Dr. Brett Steenbarger!

    I have watched a fair number of traders talk about how they constantly have to watch their psyche that it not get the best of them so "As of right now the winner has to be carefully monitored as to not blow up my account." is not something very unusual it seems. Having that level of self reflection is an insurance policy...I am going thru the same phase right now where I am scaling up position size while being profitable and I can only confirm...it's a tight rope act...where you need to stay humble all bewhilst capitalizing on some of the knowledge base that you have built. It's fun but there's a lot of things that go wrong so you constantly need to rein in the mustang that wants to go on a wild run.
  6. NinjaTrader007

    DAS Trader Pro FAQ

    This is definitely NOT how you create a scanner in DAS. This video is kinda misleading...I kinda stumbled across this mistake..DAS Trader Pro actually has built in scanners that run like mini apps. I use them now every morning side by side with my TI scanners. There's no stock on the TI gap scanners that I cannot pick up using DAS scanners so the most important take home message here for those under budget constraints is you can actually find the same stocks for free using DAS built in scanners. The caveat is that it will spit out a lot more than TI simply bc the scanners main variables are volume and price change (%). So what I usually do is have a montage thats tied to minute, daily, weekly and monthly charts and then flip through each of the stocks that shows up on the scanners. Even though I have TI scanners set up I like to cross validate each stock and as an added benefit when a day opens dry like this holiday Friday I will find a few more stocks I can put up on watch. To setup the scanner...go to Tools>Scanners and that will open up a window that you then can work through the configuration variables. How to configure...you can ask for a specific volume or price change..e.g. this is a separate topic I have brought up with mods here. Hopefully, they one day move that up on their priority list to empower traders by teaching them how to configure scanners to meet various needs. That's a separate topic that could last several hours of educational videos.
  7. NinjaTrader007

    Workshop Wednesday are here!

    Configuring scanners...going over the important variables and implementing them in TI would be something of interest. This may be a more advanced topic though....at the most basic level going over the current scanners Andrew set up for the community in more depth explaining how and why they were configured in a certain way.
  8. NinjaTrader007

    My view on averaging down

    Trading somewhat impulsively I did this one or twice and eerily it worked out...I have a rule to not do this ...taking on too much risk is one of the biggest mistakes we can make as aspiring/beginners. The problem with this approach is that when it becomes something "acceptable" in your trading book and you increase your leverage as you grow your knowledge and PnL..."averaging down or up" can lead to blowing up an account much more easily or in milder form wipe out the gains you made in an entire year or several months. Avoiding this behavior (for the most part) has helped me keep my psychology intact while I went thru the "learning and paying tuition phase". Individual "blow ups" were never huge as a percentage of my account so left my emotional trading psychology "hurt" but largely intact. I also rarely stopped trading when I took blows. Instead, I trained myself to face the markets head on and learn to trade thru difficult times. So as an added benefit the strategy of "incremental and controlled pain" breeds resilience and over time grows confidence. This only worked bc so far I have managed not to add insult to injury which I know would happen if "averaging down" became an acceptable strategy in my playbook. Bottom line: exposing yourself to pain is required to grow as a trader (be able to put on more risk and grow your PnL goals) but risking too much too early could (read: will) inflict too much emotional damage that is irreversible and causes a trader to quit. This is why averaging down is a strategy only for advanced traders who are adequately capitalized to take large risk and who can bounce back quickly emotionally...like e.g Andrew.
  9. NinjaTrader007

    My view on averaging down

    Whoever does this is either an "above average trader" (knows exactly when there's a solid chance it will work) or is just plain nuts..bc it will eventually cause the mother of all griefs if you develop a habit of doing it.
  10. NinjaTrader007

    Strategies Trading Low Floats

    Another few examples for trading low floats from todays recap from trader Ciocana where he discusses how he fades the back side of $ATOS $CETX $SEEL increasingly steep slope, blow off move up, panic buying, volume spike, topping candles are some of the hallmarks that are used to identify tops on low floats and use entries to take partial short entries
  11. NinjaTrader007

    Trading Earnings Releases - Trade with caution

    Here's the $NKE trade I just took on the earnings release in after hours as an example...
  12. NinjaTrader007

    Strategies Trading Low Floats

    I am interested learning more about strategies how to trade low floats. I have been a bit more active on social media and found there's a huge amount of trading information on Twitter if you like to dig around while trading. While doing this I found an NYC prop firm Seven Points Capital that puts out a fair amount of recaps on trading various tickers that I have found to be good quality recaps where the presenter puts in effort to make a quality presentation. Traders there focus on shorting the backside of bigger spikes.."fading the stock" over a longer period of time. This is something I will be trying out myself the next few months...small positions or in SIM. E.g watch this longer recap on "fading" OXBR and ACER yesterady June 25.. I recall a while back there was a guy who posted some content here I don't seem to be able to dig up. Anyway, I might be posting tidbits the next few months about various strategies trading low floats as I learn and try out some. If you are interested in trading more let us know what your strategies are..
  13. I have been trading earnings releases the last few months...in after hours it's been quite profitable in pre less so so I avoid trading them in pre market now. There's a few criteria a stock must meet: a) Interest...or in trader speak volume...this requirement is much higher for a decent earnings trade...many/most tickers I might trade at the open wouldn't work well in after market simply because there's not enough volume in after market to provide for clean moves. Ideally only stocks that trade a few million shares a day are candidates. E.g this afternoon there were 9 companies that released earnings, I only watched 3 KB Homes (KBH), RAD (RiteAid) and Pier 1 Imports (PIR) b) Spread: tends to be larger than during market hours bc liquidity drops in the afternoon sessions so I pay even more attention to this than during regular hours c) Strategy: trading the break out or just look for a trend..or swing over night?? I don't have the patience to hold a position for very long so I usually try to scalp a bigger breakout move for a few ticks. If you trade the breakout ORBs it's not very different to trading an ORB at the open. Since it's even more volatile (with less liquidity) than the open you need to have a solid handle on trading ORBs before you attempt this strategy. Of course you could also play ABCDs look for a trend or also swing it over night if you find a reasonably good entry. Important cautionary note: If you try to catch a break out it's important to wait a little bit for the ticker to confirm it's direction. A lot of times stocks will whiplash right after the release of earnings news bc traders and algos are trying to figure out how good/bad the news is relative to market expectations and estimates. Earnings whispers is a website that lists the companies releasing earnings each day: https://www.earningswhispers.com/ If you want to just give it a try look for mega stocks earnings releases to start with...FB, AAPL, MSFT, NFLX are a good place to get a good feel for what it might be like. Micron (MU) was a nice one yesterday.
  14. NinjaTrader007

    Trading IPOs?

    There's been a lot of good IPOs to trade this year...for this reason I keep a separate watchlist that includes a longer list of tickers that seem to have good volume on any given day: Beyond Meat Inc. (BYND) Chewy (CHWY) CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD) Fiverr International Ltd. (FVRR) Lyft (LYFT) Pinterest (PINS) Slack (WORK) Uber (UBER) Zoom (ZM) TIGR LK RVLV There's not much to go by the first few days but after that I check the daily, and intraday 15, 30 and 60min charts to glean some idea where the ticker might be heading. Once the stocks been trading a few weeks you can see resistance and support levels. Since it takes the market a while to figure out a good price a lot of these stocks keep having huge daily ranges so stay on a separate watchlist I monitor every morning.

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