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  1. I emailed you sir. I have been successfully suing AAs strategies in TradeStation for several months and retired and broke all of the rules! I since signed up for BBT Lifetime and am extremely happy with the content. Let's share TradeStation tips. Karadi
  2. I have been using TradeStation for the past year and went to their Masterclasses in Plantation. I used Andrew's book to earn 45% in six weeks and then lost 75% in one month due to the market turning and revenge trading. Since that time I signed up lifetime for BBT and have learned the exact issues that I had. Now I have about twenty years of experience in the market studying Fundamentals, Modern Portfolio Theory, CFP and more, so adding AAs system was a no brainer. However the psychology aspect which is what took me the longest only had one oversight. When I traded during the six weeks I was still working, so I had strict rules. Once I retired I broke all of them. Namely: I sat in front of the console for too many hours. My position discipline wavered. I broke all of the rules and revenge traded. I started to mix styles: Options plus Day Trading without a transition strategy. I have since stopped trading and instituted strict controls around my day: Clear hours just like before. Solid exits and limitations. I now know how to read when the market turns - I have been a business cycle swing trader before so this confused me. Position and R:r risk reward ratios that match. Some examples: risk: Reward, r:R : 1:2 Win:Loss 3:2 Daily max loss: 1% of Total Account Daily risk per trade: 1% Max Security Limits (I had one issue per day during the six week period. I upped it to two near the end. Once above that I started charts and darts!) Simple ranges for quick math: $100 issues: Size: 50, 100, 250 $50 issues: Size 100, 200, 500 $25 issues: Size 200, 400, 1000 All of these limitations promise to return my previous profitability with slow consistent gains. SUMMARY: Restrict the amount of time you trade. Restrict the size of positions, the r:R. Max Daily Loss, Trade Loss NEVER revenge trade. NEVER trade when market direction is unclear.
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