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  1. Marek

    SQ maybe silly idea but...

    Very interesting analysis...have you tried to extend this to other stocks that are regularly in play, ie. MU, AMD, FB? It might be interesting to compare. The mitigating factor is that markets have been somewhat in "correction mode" since SPY, NQ and small caps topped out end of August/early Sept. I would also be curious to see how SQ did during the bull run June thru September...was there a pattern of ORBUs to be seen with it?
  2. What's the approx. itinerary considered, ie base camp setup, miles and elevation gain and day(s)?
  3. Looking forward to meeting Andrew, Brian and a few local BBT members...I travel from North County so hopefully Friday traffic I-5 won't throw in a wrench with the timing. BTW, there's a Livestream of the Trade Ideas Summit "Rise with the Machines" event for those interested following just register online and you can follow the entire event online: https://www.trade-ideas.com/ti2018-attendee-summit-2018
  4. Around 2 weeks now, I have Windows 10 installed but not sure what build that is...I think Windows updates install automatically so it should be the latest available.
  5. have been running new DAS s/w...no issues with hand cursor bug. Loving the addition of the global chart features...
  6. Marek

    How to Configure DAS Mobile

    Hi Robert, just finished configuring mobile DAS on my iphone. Thanks for the config info....very useful to get this going. Also set it up on a separate laptop that's on WLAN in case my router has a problem with hard wiring..
  7. Marek

    Bearish Engulfing Crack Strategy

    nice class video on the bearish engulfing crack....I liked all the examples, it gives a better feel for the type of stronger or weaker variations on the setup one might see while trading real. One thing I might note....the failed BEC setups where bulls win out appear to move on to become ABCD patterns where the less dramatic pull backs end in a coiled consolidation phase and then go on to another breakout...
  8. Not sure whether this has gotten any mention, it probably has but maybe it's worthwhile pointing to again....I noticed you can add columns for Commissions, ECN and FINRA in DAS by right clicking on the account window and adding selecting additional columns to add. For my Interactive Brokers it seems they were available on the fly yesterday....
  9. Lee, ok, that's good to know too...at least there's a rule in place so it will probably always stay that way until I change the setting globally or locally. That way, at least I know what to expect when I open the s/w. I don't usually check everything just enter tickers and shares and trade using Andrews preconfigured buttons. The random change threw me a bit off yesterday....I guess that was just one of the glitches on the way to going live...
  10. "To avoid this, don’t choose an account in the template. Leave it blank. When you choose it in the montage, it will stay that way until you change it again in the montage." I tried leaving the account open in global or in local montage config...I wanted to do this so it would force me to actively chose an account at the start of a session/trade so I would less likely be trading live when I didn't want to. I had that happen this morning when one of the montages had indavertently flipped to the IB account and I found myself in a live position. I only noticed that b/c I looked at my account window and my PnL. However, when I leave account unselected and then save the desktop and reopen DAS s/w it flips back to show my TR account selected in the montage. That's still better than what happened this morning but it does appear a bit random. I guess I will need to keep a closer eye on the montage selections in the future.
  11. Marek

    Day Trading and Tax Preparation

    along the same lines I have read elsewhere in your first year you can elect it later since you do not necessarily know by the previous years tax filing date what your intentions were for the remainder of the year...the above procedure would allow to cover for this e.g. for new traders. I plan to consult Robert Green later and was planning to get additional clarification on this question...
  12. Hi Lee and others, thanks for recording the tutorial and all the good work reporting about the DAS upgrades...great stuff! I just moved from DAS SIM to the DAS IB vers. and its behaved well. I love the global trend line feature too!
  13. Cory Mitchell, a Canadian trader publishes a blog on day and swing trading mostly forex but also futures and equities. I enjoy reading his articles a lot and have learned a lot from them: https://vantagepointtrading.com There's a lot of individual articles he has published and updates regularly across his website that's available for free and then some paid e-books where all the information is collated and a bit easier to study. He also swing trades equities and futures and a lot about financial and risk/leveraging those kind of accounts/trades can be better learned about by using the detailed guides. He's a chartered market technician so a lot is about trading classical chart patterns. It's intuitive and can also be fun if you enjoy studying charts and price action. Like Andrew he doesn't like to mark up charts with the kitchen sink of indicators but rather focuses on candlesticks, volume and key support and resistance levels. If long term swing trading is an interest it's useful to study other markets so you don't have too many long term swing trades in highly correlated equities (just overlay FANG stocks SPY, Russell and QQQ Nasdaq and you know what I mean). You can do that with limited cash in forex and futures. Shorting forex and futures bearish trends also tends to be less volatile.
  14. BTW, if you guys ever make it to SoCal Southern Sierra's, e.g. for an LA BBT meetup, there's a lot of good peak climbing in the area....e.g. San Gorgonio in the San Bernardino mountains east of LA is ~3600m. A popular hike in from Vivian Creek has an 1800m elevation gain and is about 17mi roundtrip. That can be done in a day hike or ON with camping gear and with some or no acclimation depending on how folks can handle the elevation change. Here's a guide to SoCal mountain hikes for those who like to bag peaks..:) https://socalhiker.net/hiking-san-gorgonio-via-vivian-creek/
  15. nice trip report Abiel, curious how much of a work out that was...is the elevation gain for the peak 1,600m (base @3600, peak @5200m)? How much time did you and Andrew spend hiking on the peak hike day?

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