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  1. Another broker would be an option, but i want to keep DAS as my trading platform. CME would be an option, as mentioned in the chat several time. BBT members get a discount right? How much would be a ticket with small shares size (100-200)? Was it $2.95?
  2. IB live Chat just told me, Canadians are the only exception from PDT rule!?! It applies to all other countries. I really thought PDT is only for people that live in the US...
  3. Now I am confused. If PDT rule does not apply for canadians, why does it apply for mexicans and europeans? There is a subsidiary in the UK with an office in Switzerland, but customer service sits in the US. The Website redirects me always to US customer service. US customer service does not even answer me anymore.
  4. Hello Robert and bearbull members, i was assuming that i wont be afffected by the PDT rule, since I am Eurpoean. I openend my account with IB a while ago and yesterday was my first day live. Today my orders got rejected in DAS because of the PDT rule. I reached out to DAS and IB and the answer was the same. Answer from IB "... In order to not have this restriction, the equity in your account must be minimum USD 25'000 or equivalent. This applies regardless of Nationality and Place of residence as it directly relates to the products being traded and the exchange." I did not expect that! Is anyone using IB outside the US without having the PDT rule? Thanks! Martin
  5. Hi Jay, it might be a little bit late, but i hope i can still help. I also use a Mac and I decided to install Window via bootcamp (its not difficult). After starting my mac and holding the option button, I can choose between Windows and iOS. Runs perfect and i have full CPU power, because i have only DAS running. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201468 Martin
  6. Hi Robert, I used the hotkey today to flip a position from short to long, but i did not work out well. i was short MU with 183 Shares and after flipping it to long i was in possession of 2 Shares :) Long to short works fine. i think its because of the -2 in the script. instead of ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=Pos*-2;Price=Ask+.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send i was trying ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=Pos*(-2);Price=Ask+.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send but that does not work either. I was playing around but i couldnt figure it out. Any suggestions?
  7. Added it to my Hotkeys. Gonna try it today.. Thanks!!
  8. Alright, thanks! That means at 4:00pm (and not earlier) a company makes an announcement and at 4:01pm the price changes dramatically, seen at ROKU. I assume the companies are not allowed to make such announcement at market hours? (because of market manipulation, etc.?)
  9. Hi community! There is something I would like to know.... We recognized today a huge sell-off of ROKU and AAOI after market closed. Why is this happening? Someone wrote in the chat because of bad earnings perhaps?! But I think that would not happen instantly, right? Who is dumping their shares and why after market closes? Thanks!!
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