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    Hi All, I'm making this post seeking assistance with a specific hotkey script that I'm having trouble making. It's a rather simple concept, but despite having it clearly defined in my mind, I am having a hard time finding the resources to execute it. So, here goes... The simple function that I am looking for (in a single hotkey) is this - I would like to: 1.) Be able to select a limit order price by clicking on the chart (and would like it to be ask + 0.05 for long positions, or bid -0.05 for short positions). 2.) Execute the order at a specific share size defined by the quantity related hotkey that is pressed after purchase price is selected by clicking. 3.) Automatically set a stop loss at -$150 for any quantity share size chosen. If anyone is able to help with this, or share their similar hotkey script, I would be extremely grateful! Thanks! - Phil
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    I have been in this chatroom for over a year and have never seen it explained how these hotkeys can fail in this way or how dangerous that default can be. I presume that you work for DAS Trader. This level of arrogance and unprofessionalism is simply over the top. I am merely trying to warn other traders before they lose money just like I did for this very unfair reason pertaining to DAS Trader’s default configuration. I stand nothing to gain here—except to help others avoid losing money like I did. I was also hoping that DAS Trader would care to hear the ramifications of how dangerous this setting is, but it’s clear that they don’t. I tried, and hopefully someone sees this before it hurts them too. Tired of being trolled by their employee. @Andrew Aziz Please lock this thread. However, I request that you rename it so that it does not say [Resolved] anymore. I know that YOU care about your members, and this active issue can be lethal even to a 100k account, and it’s important for general awareness. This issue is not resolved but I’m clearly getting nowhere here.
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    My Setup: I originally was going to build my own PC, but I couldn't source all the parts I wanted in sufficient time. Instead I purchased an off-the-shelf Ryzen 5 3600 PC, with 16GB RAM, 500GB M2 SSD, GTX1650. When purchasing, I specified for 4 Video outputs, but on delivery the card only had 3 (1xHDMI, 2 DP). A bit disappointed, but for 3 monitors it's sufficient. I promised myself if I am successful I will upgrade. I also purchased 2 x 27" monitors, very basic, but get the job done. The top monitor is an old HP Compaq 22" that I had lying around. I have a unique solution for the top monitor. I have some old TV mounts stuck into the wall (were there when I moved it), it's not compatible with anything I have. So I attached some thick wire to some screws in the back of the old monitor and 'hung' it on these old mounts. The desk can be adjusted to a standing desk (which I like to do around the time of the open), and then I move the top monitor to rest above these wall mounts leaning against the wall.
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