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Espacio para que los Miembros de habla hispana en BBT compartan sobre day trading, brinden y reciban apoyo, hagan sus preguntas y juntos formemos una comunidad de day traders exitosos!


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    Bienvenidos a preguntar y compartir todo lo relacionado al day trading: estrategias, libros, operaciones, tradebooks, journals, etc. 

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    Espacio para preguntar y compartir todo lo relacionado al Swing Trading: ideas, estrategias, libros, videos, operaciones, journals y más.

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    Bienvenido a preguntar y compartir todo lo relacionado a Plataformas de Trading.


    • Thank you so much, @Angela Kuzeva and @Martin D. I've been using Aiman's Parabolic Reversal strategy (and have added many of my own rules to the playbook). Your feedback are very helpful, I'm grateful that you've taken the time to help me with this.
    • Hello! I would like to try doing day trading on a real platform (I have been practicing for more than 6 months), using break of the high of the day strategy. I usually buy once per stock and sell several times as it goes up (assuming everything goes well). I rarely do more than 2 different stocks per day (usually AAPL being one of them). I can use about 10k for now, so I won't be able to do day trading in the USA. As far as I understand there are other options, outside US but still trading US stocks, but with higher fees. What would be the best option for me (as a beginner and given my strategy)? Thank you!
    • Hey D-Zitter2, thank you for sending over that excel file. As they stated on the PDF page I had, "Do NOT copy this as there are line breaks that will cause the script not to work"! Was put there for a good reason. However that spread sheet has all of them.  Much appreciated.    Best Regards,  Tom
    • Not sure whether you're using Aiman's parabolic reversal as Angela is discussing or whether you have you're own entirely separate one like I do. However, to me the trade isn't a reversal because it hasn't really properly trended. If you look at your 5 minutes it's really more of a range (admittedly not a very clean one) and so the volume is the breaking of the range because a lot of the people who were long in there will stop out there because it's taking out the bottom and breakout traders may enter. This can either be a trap so the big players or market makers grab their liquidity at lower prices before we re-enter the range and potentially go long or we can retest the range and then it'll continue short. If you want to know more about this type of price action then look up Wyckoff.
    • Hi, Are you after something in general or do you mean what to track in relation to your strategies? In general I only track win/loss ($ per trade, per timeframe (day, week, month, year) & % win/loss for the higher timeframes) and R (Total & per trade). For me really R and win/loss % is the two things you need to control to improve trading but that of course means improving strategies or psychology etc which is where most of the data comes in. Strategy is partly specific on what strategy you're using and what is important to it, for example some plays may heavily rely on T&S/L2 and some may rely more on levels. What you track is therefore not uniform and so would need delve into more strategy specific. Psychology is not something I track but a lot do and depends whether you have psychology issues you need to deal with. For me it was only really overtrading so tagging whether I followed my rules or not was sufficient to getting me out of that (seeing stats on rule followed trades vs not). Other than that I'm in tune with whether I don't feel right and so I simply don't trade if I'm sick or whatever.  
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