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Santa Fe, NM Meetup

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Two things: 

1) I can help host a Santa Fe, NM meetup if anyone interested?  I've lived here since 1999 (I formerly lived in Seattle and SF Bay Area). 
Santa Fe is a unique place to live and visit. High desert in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and 60 miles from Taos.  About 75,000 population.
Art (top 3 art market in nation), SW culture, hiking, skiing, biking, fly fishing, micro breweries and restaurants -- great food if you now where to go, Native American and Spanish culture, etc. 

Possible good months to meetup are May and early to mid September 2019.  

2) Anyone out there near the land of enchantment?  I'm a lifetime BBT member, wondering how close any members may be near me?

Chime in at your leisure and advise on your interest and current locale,


Steve Burke


Santa fe image snow.jpg


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Hi Steve, I am at Rio, I am new to trading and learning a lot, just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in NM!

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