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Problem with Nyse stocks

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Hi !


I have some issues with Nyse stocks montage. I don't know why, my hotkeys work with Nasdaq stocks, but not with Nyse stocks.

I noticed my Nasdag montage and my Nyse montage don't look the same. I think the problem comes from here but I don't know how to solve it.


Does anyone has had the same problem and how did you fix it ?


Thanks !

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There could be a couple of issues here.


1st: make sure your order template for the montage is set up properly. Right-click the montage, order template, then set it up for BOTH the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. You can also check the box that says "Use Global Default." If you do this, you need to go to the setup menu at the top, order templates, and then set up the Global Default Order Configuration. If each montage has the "Use Global Default" box checked, then it will use whatever settings you have in the global configuration. Just be sure to set it up for whatever exchanges you're trading on.


2nd: To have multiple montages that look the same: right-click the frame of the montage window, then click "save as default." Open a new montage, right-click, then load default. As long as you're using the latest version of DAS or DAS Demo, it will create a copy of the montage. Be sure to check the order template settings in your new montage (either to use the global default or the local settings of that montage). Also, you'll need to anchor the new montage to whatever windows you'd like.


I hope that helps!

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