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Andrew Aziz

Trading IPOs?

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I would wait until it breaks the high of the day. Any other scenarios are still very obscure as we don't have any resistance/support levels and no shares to short! It's the best to have an Alert (on Das) at the high of the day and it will notify us on time :)

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I just treat them like an ORB trade (long) at the open after the first 5min candle. I also go small shares and a tight stop. They usually pop at the open from what I've seen so far, so this has worked for me a few times. Worked okay today on ARMO for a quick profit. After that I'm done with them for the day.

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There's been a lot of good IPOs to trade this year...for this reason I keep a separate watchlist that includes a longer list of tickers that seem to have good volume on any given day:

Beyond Meat Inc. (BYND)
Chewy (CHWY)
CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD)
Fiverr International Ltd. (FVRR)
Lyft (LYFT)
Pinterest (PINS)
Slack (WORK)
Uber (UBER)
Zoom (ZM)




There's not much to go by the first few days but after that I check the daily, and intraday 15, 30 and 60min charts to glean some idea where the ticker might be heading. Once the stocks been trading a few weeks you can see resistance and support levels. Since it takes the market a while to figure out a good price a lot of these stocks keep having huge daily ranges so stay on a separate watchlist I monitor every morning.

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