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Robbie Williams

Post your list of trading rules!

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Hello all - I started this thread so that members can post their list of trading rules if they'd like to share for everyone else and thought it would be beneficial. (I apologise if this thread is similar to a pre-exisitng one, however I haven't seen one).


My current day trading rules are as follows:


1) Maximum of 1 pre-market trade


2) Maximum of 6 trades per day


3) Only enter a trade with a 2:1 profit target. Do not enter or wait for a better entry if 2:1 is non-existent


4) Lose more than $150 per day - stop trading 


5) 3 losing trades on the same stock - delete from DAS for the rest of the day

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1) No premarket trades

2) Maximum of 5 trades per day (5 plays, not tickets)

3) minimum risk reward of 2:1

4) Stop trading if loss reaches $500 in a day

5) No new trades after 11AM

6) No stocks with float below 50 million shares

7) No trades before 9:40

8) No trade without calling out loud the trade rationale and risk reward ratio

9) No trade if the daily levels have not been drawn out if it shows up in the scanner.

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