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Levels of resistance and support

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Hi @yashupl

These are Camarilla Pivot Points.

@Thorwho is part of the BBT team has a whole trading strategy based around these and Level 2.  Thor's insights, experience and teachings on this strategy was a game changer for me as I was starting out my trading journey.


If you look through the Education Center Thor has a number of lessons on price action and using the Camarilla Pivots system.  You should also watch all of Thor's Thursday Mentor sessions in the Webinars section of BBT as in everyone of these you will pick-up something new to further advance your learnings.

Thor has also just released his book which, in my opinion is the new go to resource on Camarilla Pivots and Level 2.  It is a solid investment, and combined with his lessons and webinars on BBT will give you a great foundation to trade this strategy. 


I've really started to find an edge trading this strategy, especially in the afternoon session and the more 'saddle time' I get trading either in Sim or Live, the more it starts to 'click'.

Good luck and hope this helps.


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In short they are pivot levels but depending on who you are listening to they may be different types of Pivot levels/calculations (there are quite a few different ones)

As TC said in BBT people are generally referring to Camarilla Pivots which you'll find Thor explaining in education center or if you invest in his book.

However, you may also hear him prefix it with Floor (Floor Pivots) e.g. Floor S3 which is another type of pivot indicator. The main one you'll here him reference from the Floor Pivots is the "Central Pivot" .

If you're viewing Youtube or something like that then you just need to know who you are listening to and figure out which pivot set they are using.


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