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Covering % Of Positions - Static on original position?

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So I found that you can use this hotkey to cover say 25% of the position:

Route=LIMIT; Share=Pos*.25; Price=Bid-.05; NoRR=N; TIF=DAY; SELL=Send

That works fine. but then if you use it again it covers 25 % of the postion you now currently hold after covering 25%. 

You hit it again and now it covers 25% of the existing postion and so on.

How can you make a key where your original position was 100 shares. You cover 25% (25 shares) putting you at 75 shares. and then you hit the hotkey again and cover 25 shares leaving you at 50 shares, and then again 25 shares leaving at 25, and then again closed? This is what you would want.

As it stands you cover 25 shares of 100 then have 75 share position. Then you cover 25% and then you are covering 18.75 shares, then have 56.25, then cover 25% and have 42.2 shares and so on.

Is there a solution to this?

Thanks all.


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