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Phil G

Camarilla Pivot Calculation in DAS problem?

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Hi Guys

Im looking for some help on the calculation of the cam pivots in Das. The below is the calculation you will find from most google searches for calculating cams:

R4 = ((H-L)*(1.1/2)) + C
R3 = ((H-L)*(1.1/4)) + C
R2 = ((H-L)*(1.1/6)) + C
R1 = ((H-L)*(1.1/12)) + C
S1 = C - ((H-L)*(1.1/12))
S2 = C - ((H-L)*(1.1/6))
S3 = C - ((H-L)*(1.1/4))
S4 = C - ((H-L)*(1.1/2))


However, if we use SOFI on 14/10/21 as an example. Its levels from the previous session on 13/10/21 are:

High 19.31

Low 18.49

Close 18.9

Using these numbers, R4 should be 19.351.


However, on Das R4 is 19.806 (see attached).

I thought there may be an issue with my Das but Thor had SOFI open on the same day in a mentor session and his charts also show R4 as 19.806.

Can anyone point me in the right direction towards the calculating the cams as Das does it?


Thanks very much.


sofi phil.PNG

sofi thor.PNG

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Just saw this was unanswered when I was looking for another post about Camarilla.

If you are still looking for the solution, it's because of pre and post market data. The stock closed at 19.25 and the high was 19.50 in the post market which is why DAS is calculating that as a level (your formula is correct).


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