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  1. Hi Guys Im looking for some help on the calculation of the cam pivots in Das. The below is the calculation you will find from most google searches for calculating cams: R4 = ((H-L)*(1.1/2)) + C R3 = ((H-L)*(1.1/4)) + C R2 = ((H-L)*(1.1/6)) + C R1 = ((H-L)*(1.1/12)) + C S1 = C - ((H-L)*(1.1/12)) S2 = C - ((H-L)*(1.1/6)) S3 = C - ((H-L)*(1.1/4)) S4 = C - ((H-L)*(1.1/2)) However, if we use SOFI on 14/10/21 as an example. Its levels from the previous session on 13/10/21 are: High 19.31 Low 18.49 Close 18.9 Using these numbers, R4 should be 19.351. However, on Das R4 is 19.806 (see attached). I thought there may be an issue with my Das but Thor had SOFI open on the same day in a mentor session and his charts also show R4 as 19.806. Can anyone point me in the right direction towards the calculating the cams as Das does it? Thanks very much. Phil
  2. Hi Guys I am thinking of switching broker from Lightspeed to Cobra trading and looking for some feedback from people that have/are a customer with them please? Cobra seems attractive to me because they tick all the day traders criteria checklist inc good platforms, direct access and low commissions. They also have free routes for removing liquidity which I havent seen anywhere else. I have also looked at Centrepoint and they seems to be a lot reviews online but im leaning towards Cobra because I could potentially have a very low margin between my gross and net profit with Cobra due to their low commissions and ecn fees. If anyone has some feedback on Cobra I would love to hear it, particularly around their execution speed. Thanks everyone.
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