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DAS documentation seems limited, any more resources available?

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Hi Guys, I just got started this week and so far I have been fumbling with my hotkeys quite a bit. I want to fine tune them to my liking but I am not sure how to do it properly and unfortunately the documentation DAS offers is pretty basic and I am having difficulty finding any more detailed information through google. I'm hoping there is more detailed documentation which someone can point me to, or is there somewhere in the program that I can see a list of all available commands? The issues I am currently dealing with are as follows:


First of all, I see there are dozens of Route options, and I see Andrew uses one called SMRTL which I don't even see on the drop down list in the script builder. Is there a comprehensive list of these route options and what is the advantage/disadvantage of each? I understand the basics such as Market and Limit but I am not finding any explanation for the SMRTL anywhere. Also, what would be the advantage of routing directly to an exchange?


Secondly, is there a list of all of the available commands for building scripts? For example, I see in Andrew's hotkeys that you can use BP and AvgCost and even perform some basic math in the script, but these are not listed anywhere in the program that i have seen and not in the documentation either. I suspect there are many more commands which would be useful but I am not sure where to find them. Is there some comprehensive list of all the available commands? For example, I would like to try to set a price to the low of the day or the high of the day, or to set the shares or price based on my equity as opposed to buying power, is this possible?

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SMART is IB's intelligent routing mechanism.You can read more about it here:




Some have said that SMRTM doesn't work for simulator. SMRTL does though.


Unfortunately, there are limited resources for DAS. Our DAS FAQ probably has more information than the manual. For hotkeys, I just click-through the list of Available Commands and read the Command Tip for each.


My personal opinion is that less hotkeys are better. I keep it very basic (buy, sell, charts, etc.) to minimize the chances of making mistakes.

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This post from Abiel has all of the manuals. I found what I needed in here. Is there something missing that you're looking for?




>Some DAS trader manuals / guides:


DAS Trader User Manual

DAS Scanner

Chart Studies in DAS Trader

Allocation Manual

Running DAS Trader PRO from Non-Windows OS (2014)

DAS Trader Trigger Order Guide

DAS Trader Hot Key and Command Script User Guide

Add Routes to Your Montage Manual

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