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TI HOD/LOD Camarilla scanners

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20 hours ago, Roberto said:

Good luck. I only run these scanners against my own custom symbol lists, so you might need to think about how to filter what you want to see.

You breezed by this post lol

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Yes, i think it's a pretty good strategy.


But do you know how can i make this scanner :


Alert 1- yesterday close price is above yesterday central pivot range(>R1) AND today's open price is above central pivot range(>R1) bullish bias - populate the windows just at the open

Alert 2- yesterday close price is below yesterday central pivot range(<S1) AND today's open price is below central pivot range(<S1) bearish bias - populate the windows just at the open

And for the fun:

Alert 3- Yesterday central pivot range is larger than today's central pivot range AND today's central pivot range is inside yesterday's central pivot range

It would be great to have all symbols in the market that have this criteria.

Let's say i have some stocks on the alert 1, then i know i will be only trading long when the price approach some camarilla points.

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