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  1. You are right @peterB. Thanks for your advise! Wish you a great day!
  2. Hi Roberto. Thanks for your information. As far as I see, for the calculation of the pivots we need only close, hig and low of the previous day. I the DAS chart of the stock I can see the same values for close, high and low as I can see in Trade-Ideas for Close, High and Low. I have put these values and all formulas into excel and the calculation of the pivots in excel and Trade-Ideas gives me the same results. Just DAS has slightly different results. Do you know if I can see somewhere the formulas DAS uses to calculate the pivots?
  3. Hello fellows! I am just trying to calculate the Camarila Pivots (S6 - R6) in Trade-Ideas. However, Trade-Ideas calculates different pivot points than Das Trader does. In Das Trader I do not use the pre-market data for the calculation of the pivots. It looks like the difference comes from different prices used in Trade-Ideas vs. Das Trader with regards to Close Price and High and Low of the previous trading session. Do you know how to fix this and how to get the same prices for calculation on both systems? Thanks. Michael
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