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Was there something wrong with DAS today?

How can this happen. The below pictures are from a trade I made today. The first is the chart and the second one is a screen capture from the recording taken just before the first partial.

I entered the first trade just at bottom of the first candle, but the short arrow shows at 22.33.

In the Positions window the Bid shows as 22. 33 and the ask as 22.15. How is this even possible? Is it a bug in DAS?

When I saw the profit being high in this scalp I quickly partialed, but the profit became much less than what was shown in the positions window.

Also for SPCE the bid is higher than the ask. 

I noticed this several more times during the day. Very misleading and serious IMO.


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Yeah, a lot of people reported a problem right at the open for a few minutes...

Could have been a multitude of problems.

Maybe it was DAS' servers
Maybe it was DAS communicating with IB (Not sure if CMEG had problems)...

It's rare, but unfortuantely sometimes things go wrong. Always good to have a secondary plan on how to get out of your positions. Like the DAS iOS/Android app, a secondary web platform, or having the phone number of your broker at the ready.

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I watched the recording again. The BID for DAL was constant for about a minute and at the same time the ASK varied a lot and the volume was growing constantly. 

I only have a recording of the L2 for a few seconds, but there I can see that the bid under the 22.33 kept on changing, which seems to indicate that the 22.33 bid somehow got stuck on the client side.

My guess would be a problem with the synchronization between client and server side. There is a lot of data so probably only delta updates are sent frequently.

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