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  1. I'm in Sweden on a 100/100 fiber connection. Network delay is 109 ms today. I have not checked before. I don't think I have seen the delay in chart drawing mentioned above. Sounds more like a computer issue since it is based on the same data.
  2. Thanks. I watched the recording again. The BID for DAL was constant for about a minute and at the same time the ASK varied a lot and the volume was growing constantly. I only have a recording of the L2 for a few seconds, but there I can see that the bid under the 22.33 kept on changing, which seems to indicate that the 22.33 bid somehow got stuck on the client side. My guess would be a problem with the synchronization between client and server side. There is a lot of data so probably only delta updates are sent frequently.
  3. Was there something wrong with DAS today? How can this happen. The below pictures are from a trade I made today. The first is the chart and the second one is a screen capture from the recording taken just before the first partial. I entered the first trade just at bottom of the first candle, but the short arrow shows at 22.33. In the Positions window the Bid shows as 22. 33 and the ask as 22.15. How is this even possible? Is it a bug in DAS? When I saw the profit being high in this scalp I quickly partialed, but the profit became much less than what was shown in the positions window. Also for SPCE the bid is higher than the ask. I noticed this several more times during the day. Very misleading and serious IMO.
  4. Matt Ce

    Diet and trading

    Great topic, one of my big interests. If you don't have energy for long runs it is probably either that you are not keto adapted, or that you don't eat enough protein. If you are keto adapted and eat enough protein your muscle glycogen will be similar and the respiratory quotient (how much fat vs carbs you are burning) will be improved. This should lead to enhanced endurance. See e.g. the faster study: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0026049515003340 Anything other than the american standard diet is an improvement. The body cannot handle large amounts of carbs and fat at the same time. You can either select a high carb diet (mostly plant based) or a low carb diet (usually more animal based). People have found success with both approaches. Personally I find it very difficult to get all micro nutrient on a plant based diet and my stomach cannot really handle too much plants. I also like the animal foods more so my approach is low carb with 95% animal products (carnivorish). I don't think it is a good idea with strict keto because you don't get enough protein to handle hard physical activities. When you eat low carb with high protein you will go in and out of ketosis, which is enough to get the benefits from ketones.
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