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Valentin's Day Trading Journal

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Day 130 - Jul 20 , 2020 

17 Tickets

3 Symbols 

Red Day


Personal: Little late to the screens, was rested and did my pre-market prep (exepct for the final one SRNE - where i ended up getting in before looking into stats - paid for it)

Goal for the day: Report card, need to make it a habit - STOP TAKING PROFITS EARLY.

Watch list:

RVOL at open:


SRNE - Short - Descending Triangle

Looking weak coming down forming descending triangle, short as it broke LOD. Took some off on 5min hammer and then held a higher low. Change of character - with buying starting to come in - also extreme short float (30% could easily squeeze)

Improvement: Didn’t have my morning prep - high short float is dangerous shorting.



SRNE - Long - Asymmetrical Triangle

Took it as it broke out from triangle and sub VWAP break N Go outside. SPY at highs as well. Thinking this could have a nice squeeze. Fake breakout and then broke below VWAP and consolidation - took half off. Then came pennies away from first target and ended up stopping me out on adjusted.


NKLA - Short - Descending Triangle (Not Clean)

Took the triangle on a short as it broke below 38.9, but doing nothing here. Thought we would see a quick flush.  Took partial off as we had a fake breakdown and then made a hammer on the 5. Not a great triangle now, breaking through couple pennies below and then rallying over and over.

Improvement: Need to have a more defined level, it kept breaking below forming a lower lower and then spiking back up.


MRNA - Asymmetrical Triangle  (-1 Did not follow Game Plan)

MRNA forming longer time frame Asymmetrical triangle was looking for it to come in and hold 84 bids with some sign of selling stepping down, but broke down a little quicker than expected and ended up getting in on heavy selling volume. Not liking SPY holding up - but thinking we could see an all-day unwind here.

Add to my short as we were breaking down descending triangle - but hit HUGE bid at 83…didn’t even recognize. Huge bid down at 82 as well, double bottomed and then broke through downtrend - will tally up to VWAP im guessing.

Good: Good job seeing weakness and Adding 2 Winner.

Improvement: Need to have much better entries here, both were caught tight at the bottom of candles as the level 2 broke. Trade management? Kept panic partialing over managing once again.
Note: Hit a double bottom from previous level and bounced. Forming 5min hammer. This could have been a point to take some off.

Trade Review

9:57 -MRNA bear wedge but Looks like ascending triangle, but its below VWAP (Winner ~2.4R)

10:00 - SRNE looked like it rejected off VWAP, but the buying looks like is coming in. (No Setup - No Entry)

10:03 - NVAX ABCD off vwap, 135.7 entry, 138 stop - too wide. Although there is a 12 dollar drop possible. 3 minutes later I Would have gone in to short break of 1 min, selling increasing (1.5R = Breakeven)

10:07 - SRNE looks like it will pop breakout pullback but wanted it to hold and consolidated on the 5 for a little longer 8.35 was entry, 8.13 stop. (Loser)

10:18 - MRNA - VWAP Break and GO but heading right into PML. Thinking we will reject and consolidate around there. Perfect volume validation (1.7R = Breakeven)

10:10 - NIO potential asymmetrical triangle / ABCD looking to pop to 12.25+ (Winner ~3.7R)

12:04 - NKLA setting up for same move….entry would be 38.79 stop 39.05, this time it’s a 3 bar play, much more defines. Although 5min shows buying. Also has lots on at every 5c interval for support. NO SHARS FOR SHORT on actual account. Perfect setup…38.75 is probably where I would have gotten filled.(Loser)

14:35 - SRNE missed the descending, have a change to hit it at 8 but not a great risk off here. Risking 8.05 but don’t like the wick back up… (No Entry)

14:44 - NIO asymmetrical triangle ish. 12.58 entry, 12.49 stop (Winner ~2.88R)

14:46 - NVAX setting up for potential asymmetrical (Winner ~2R)

14:54 - NKLA hi vol fiailed breakout. Would like this short 38.87 entry, 38.97 / 39.01 for a safe stop. (Winner ~3R)

15:33 - NKLA looking to dump, would be looking for the descending triangle. Right now its at 38.65 but no defined risk and setup here. Came down to the 38.55 level. Not enough time in trading for it to break. (No Entry)

15:43 - SRNE beautiful double top to the penny with topping volume. . Entry 8.29 stop 8.37 (Loser)

Trade Ideas

Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): FAIL

 Didn’t feel great today, took a few setups that weren't clean. Late to screens, and was just about done market research and when I went onto SRNE I jumped in without looking into it….first short was avoidable.


Controlled myself and tried to limit it after that. Really important to follow my own rule, without that trade I would have been positive on the day.

Things I did well: Cutting down risk once I saw a change in character.

Things I did poorly: Trade Management, Didn’t do a great job on readying Lvl 2 and volume today.


Daily Report Card
1. Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop (Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 3/4 = 75%


Edited by Valentin

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12 hours ago, Tony Ciaramitaro said:

Your trade reviews and journaling are extraordinarily helpful Valentin! Thank you! 

Not a problem Tony, glad it is helping your trading out and benefiting the community! Let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or any feedback!

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Day 131 - Jul 21 , 2020 

22 Tickets

5 Symbols 

Red Day (Max Loss)


Personal: Have been really fatigued lately, went back to bed and hit computers at 6:00 , kind of rushed through Pre market prep...need to figure out a better schedule

Goal for the day: Pass Report Card

Watch list:



RVOL at open:
MRNA: 118%
NKLA: 192%
NVAX: 103%
NIO: 108%


SPCE -Long - Bull Pennant (Sub: Asymmetrical Triangle, B Setup. -1 Adjusted Order)

Took SPCE Long as it was consolidating and holding above monthly high, thinking we could see a huge squeeze. Wasn’t the best entry, wanted to get in on 1 min high but ended up taking it as it broke through previous pivot high. Wanted this to consolidate a little more just didn’t want to miss it. Pennies away from 1R partial, then had a shooting star took some more off.

Improvement: Stop was too wide - should have been below previous 1min pivot low.

Note: I had 2 trade ideas on SPCE before taking this one….both were winners, just waited too long on this one and entry was already too extended.


IBM (1) - Short - Descending Triangle (A Setup, -1 Adjusted Stop and missed 4.4R )

Was grinding down slowly toward LOD took it on the break of descending triangle. Didn’t do much at the level, not major breakdown but think this could close the gap to the downside. Below the 200MA on the 5 min, and all MA's are matching up.  Ended up putting in a fake breakdown and a hammer on the 1 and the 5 min, took half off as planned. Adjusted the rest - for absolutely no reason. Initial stop would have held and would have hit 4.4 R.
Improvement: STOP ADJUSTING….another example of where micro managing ruined the trade.


IBM (2) - Short - Descending Triangle (B Setup, not clean)

Took it again as a short on the breakdown of the next triangle. Same thing, breaks down forms a hammer and then stopped me out.

Improvement: Trying to force this trade here after poor trade management)


NIO (1) - Short - Descending Triangle (A+ Setup)
Big level 2 bid showing trying to hold PDC for the third time but sellers coming in with velocity, took it short as wave of sellers hit the bid and it dropped. Thinking we could see continued move down to 12. Note: Setting up for a nice 3bar play on the 1min right after the break. Fake breakdown, and took me out.

Good: Daily Level, Volume and Lvl 2 Validation

Improvement: Should be taking the 1 min pivot stop (also where 9 and 20 MA are on the 1 min) which would have given me 1 partial and then stop at breakeven.


NKLA (1) - Ascending Triangle (A Setup)

Setting up with a super tight consolidation, was thinking we could see a quick fake break to collect stopes and then rip the other way, waited for the actual break and bids to step above on the 2nd candle. Ended up doing exactly as I thought but the opposite way so I got out quick.
Good: Good job being unbiased
Notes: Trade Idea 11:28 "Would like to see a fake breakdown/up to trigger stops, then go other way"



NKLA (2)- Short - ABCD (A Setup, Sub: Fake Breakout / Failed Ascending, -1 Adjusted Order)

Did a fake breakout on volume and then broke down as expected. Took my loss and flipped my position. Not moving very cleanly……
Good: Good job being unbiased and flipped position once I noticed it was a fake breakout.

Improvement: Stop was a little wide, could be using the 3bar play stop or wait for better entry.

Notes: Trade Idea 11:28 "Would like to see a fake breakdown/up to trigger stops, then go other way"

NIO (2) - Short - Descending Triangle (B Setup, -1 Adjusted Order)

Took NIO short as it came back down to the same level thinking we could see a quick flush again 12.82 holding over and over took it as bids were decrementing with velocity, tighter pivot point for a stop. Took half off as it had a fake breakdown and broke 5min high. Took the rest off at stop loss.
Good: Stuck to the game plan

Improvement: Not a very clean triangle.



NVAX - Breakout Pullback (Not in Playbook)

Was watching NVAX pull of multiple ascending triangle and rallying over and over….had a huge rip on vaccine report and then COVID stocks all puleld back. NVAX Pullback into previous high and looks like its bottoming with some volume coming in and bottom tails, also trading sideways showing change in character. Long with loss of 144 bid as a stop.

Improvement: Not in Playbook, should not be taking this trade.

Trade Ideas

9:43 NKLA ABCD off VWAP and PMH - not a great level tho with the huge wick showing there is clear selling. 41 entry 40.69 ish stop  (Loser)

9:47 - NVAX ABCD Short but not enough vol (RVOL really low), and have some support right below but PML right above…looking good. (Winner ~2.45R)

9:48 - SPCE setting up for breakout. Saw it at 24.6 stop at 24.17, but want it to breakout and then retest that 24.78 breakout level  (Winner ~4R)

9:51 - KO ABCD off VWAP (No Entry)

9:55 - Was thinking getting long off SPCE at 24.9 stop 24.19, but it wasn’t my setup.. Would like to see a consolidation for a little bit but holding either VWAP or the breakout point of 24.78 (Winner ~2R)

10:24 - KO asymmetrical triangle above VWAP. 47.71 entry if it breaks, 47.44 stop  (No Entry)

10:56 - NKLA setting up for ascending ish  but then it put in a weird wick as soon as I Saw it. (1.04 R = Breakeven)

11:16 NVAX popping, probably progress report…too extended for me. (No Entry)

11:21 - NIO setting up for ascending triangle it. More of an ascending wedge though. Not a fan. (No Entry - didn’t breakout)

12:34 - NVAX Ascending triangle. (1.15 R = Breakeven)

13:07 NVAX another ascending triangle (No Entry - didn’t breakout)

13:16 - NKLA double top and then breaking down. VWAP rejectionish (entry a little late 40.1, stop above 40.25 (Loser)

13:18 - NVAX another ascending, 143.5 entry and stop 142.5 (Winner ~4.7R)

14:03 - NKLA topping and rejection off VWAP. 5min looks beautiful hammers, 1min looks like topping….but would like another rejection to the cent and then take the 5min lo? But looks like assymetrical long… (No Entry, but right idea….huge drop later on in the day right at that level)

14:21 - NVAX minor ascending triangle breakout (1.46 R = Breakeven)

Trade Review

Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): FAIL miserably 

Sloppy day, going back to my previous trading. Taking setups that werent in playbook, taking revenge trades, adjusting stops ruining my plays. Ended up with Max stop loss, however if I followed my game plan - I would been -1.8R rather than -5R.

Not getting much follow through lately, but my trade ideas seem to be continuing to be profitable. Might have to reconsider max loss / target per day if this theme continues. 

Things I did well: 

Things I did poorly: Adjust stop, follow game plan


Daily Report Card
1. Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop (Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 4/8 = 50% !!!!! Brutal, clearly focused on the wrong things if I cant even hit a 1 procress goal per day.....

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11 hours ago, Abu Danny said:

@Valentin  what is that tool/software with the tickers, sectors, ATR , RVOL etc?   Thanks

Finviz - https://finviz.com/screener.ashx . On the right side you can search as many tickers as you want and then click search, then you can sort them by performance, financial, news and so on. I use the custom sort tab and chose which filters I look for. 

Its a great website, would highly recommend checking it out. 

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Day 132 - Jul 22 , 2020 

24 Tickets

4 Symbols 

Red Day 



Goal for the day: 

Watch list:


RVOL at open:


IBIO (1) - Short - Big Picture idea of Gap Fill (Not In Playbook)
Took it short as 5 was decrementing, picking up selling power. Looking for this to close the gap to 4.15. Thinking it could be an all-day fade. First trade in AM - lower risk before first 15 min. Likes the drop, but wide stop didn’t let me partial. Hit my target by priority on the book didn’t get a fill. Was thinking o add as it looked like rejecting off VWAP on lower vol - but pushed through and stopped me out.

Note: Hit my target but didn’t fill on 4.81 then rallied up. 7


SNAP - Short - Descending Triangle (-1 Adjusted stop, fake breakdown 23.02 was original stop)

Doesn’t trade great but had a nice setup (hindsight: not at all - this wasn’t clear at all) with large bids. Took is as we broke through the 22.77 level. Threw in large vol with an indecision doji followed by a few hammers. Not liking it. Big odder stepped down to 22.85 - adjusted stop to this level, as I expected a better breakdown here. Fake order at 22.85, market maker it off as soon as price started moving back up.

Good: Volume and Lvl 2 validation were actually pretty good.
Improvement: This was a terrinle entry - not a clean triangle, and quite far from the APEX.



NKLA (1) - Long - Climactic vol reversal off major level (Not in Playbook, Did not follow Game Plan. but seemed like A Setup)

38 has been a major consolidation zone, with previous highs and lows matching up. Has climactic volume into 38 which held, but looks like price dipped below - Market maker collecting stop loss ?. Tight consolidation above and took it as it broke out from that level, stop is loss of 38 - lots of size left on the bid (900lots). Pullback on low volume is looking good, but need a spike above 38.4 and then should be good.
Improvement: Didn’t follow my game plan and took a reversal???? I then saw the descending triangle at 38 but was in long so didn’t take it….missed out on a nice trade, picture perfect.
Note: Low RVOl - 79%.

Hindsight - If followed plan -------->  image.png.8bef3e01fea93125c2d539aab65c7f1c.png

IBIO (2) - Short - Descending Triangle Retest (Sub: VWAP Break N Go)

IBIO looking weak selling off into intraday support level 5.25 and trying to hold VWAP. Strong break through 5.25 support then held VWAP and pushed back below took it short with stop above previous pivot high. Broke down took partials as planned and then adjusted stop as we broke trendline.

Good: Good patience on waiting for the retest - risk was terrible if taken on first breakthrough.


NKLA (2) - Short - Descending Triangle (Sub: Bear Pennant, A Setup, Adjusted Stop)

NKLA setting up for descending triangle / bear pennant. Took is short as the bids were getting hit hard, quick flush on large vol and got bought right back up and squeeze, adjusted stop due to fake breakdown hammer and rally thinking this marks the bottom with indecision doji.

Good: Good patience on waiting for the right time near apex. Taking risk off as it didn’t move according to plan.


Trading notes: Thinking of stopping for the day, not seeing market clearly and taking too many random setups….need to get back to being a sniper


IBIO (3)  - Short - Descending Triangle break 

Tried to catch IBIO on the descending break at 5.2, but volume just flushed right through it getting a terrible fill. And ruined the R/R - shouldn’t be taking this as it drops this far, stopped out.


BBY  - Short - Range Rejection (Not In Playbook)

Range bound, kept rejection and droping, was thinkign it might break and hold VWAP but threw a huge shooting stat doji and dropped. Wasn’t looking to play it, as its not in playbook, but the 1min chart was just showing selling and selling, so decided to hop in.

Improvement: Not in Playbook, but had the right idea on the fake breakout - earlier entry would have provided for a nice trade.


NKLA (3) - Descending triangle (Chasing, -1 Adjusted Profit)

This was absolutely brutal. Was watching NKLA for descending triangle break at 36.65…broke, didn’t take it…then ended up taking it on the extended break as I was trying to wait for 3.65 lvl 2 to break…..this is bad.

Improvement: No reason to be taking this trade. Initial trade idea was for around 0.26c risk, ended getting 0.38c risk, poor execution.  



Trade Ideas

9:38 - BBBY ABCD ish, with decreasing volume below VWAP. Had entry as we were breaking above VWAP, stop LOD (Winner ~4.5R)

9:54 - Watching NKLA thinking we could see a reversal off the 38 level.

9:56 - NVAX Asymmetrical triangle but 5min is real rough.

9:57 - NIO ABCD off previouy high, but 2 min usper bearish.

9:58 - INO Descending triangle at 25.5 huge bid, if it comes back and and gives me a better pivot to risk of I might take it. RVOl is 37% though…..and its stuck in this consolidation zone over the last couple of days  (No entry, broke 25.73)

10:03 - BBY bull pennant 98.15 entry and stop 97.35 (1.58R = Breakeven)

10:05 - NKLA looking like a double bottom. 38.6 entry 38.39 stop - instanlty fake breakout

10:07 - INO again for the descending triangle. Was thinking we would see more support at the 25.5 level but broke right through….had a chance at 25.4 but thinking we were going to bounce

10:11 - NKLA looking like a Double bottom here

10:30 - PFE descending triangle, although its coming to previous level at 37.55 not much confidence here. Now PFE looking like a long, descending wedge making lower lows to collect stops and thinking it will hold and rally.  Could be a good long althought SPY around VWAP will see if it holds. Would like to

10:41 - IBIO Descending triangle above VWAP at 5.25, look for break throguh, and then retest . Lots of support on the downside. 5.25 broke, had the entry at 5.22 but lots of support to downside, would like to see a VWAP BnG with the descending and reversal at 5.25

10:57 - NKLA 3 bar play to the short side. 37 break 37.51 stop.

10:57 - BBY setting up for a 5 min ABCD, nice low vol test as well at 11:05 confirming

11:30 - BBY descending triangle right at VWAP 97.53 had the entry, stop above 98.1 but would like to see a VWAP break and go confirmation here

12:37 (BBY missed it, right now its 96.8 but had a great opportunty for descending triangle retest and VWAP at 12:13 and also a double top stuff candle at 12:26)

13:42 - BBY looking to break at that mirror level and VWAP break and go - althought SPY dumpd.

13:42 - IBIO looking for assymetrical break right at VWAP , would short break through 5.20 on conviction

13:59 - NKLA breaking through that level. And now BBY looks short. SPY below VBWAP as well

14:09 - really wanted to shrot BBY here top of range, rejection. Entry 97.4 stop 97.71 target 96.7

(Did not finish - will come back and edit once I have time)

Trade Review

Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): FAIL

Recurring theme today was not enough confidence to pull the trigger (losing streak) and getting in chasing the move (NKLA 3rd trade was a prime example, BBY, IBIO 3rd one)

In addition to that - taking trades not in my setups, which is causing me to miss trades that are in my playbook and would have been profitable.

Need to relax a little…forcing things right now. Take it easy tomorrow, more trade ideas, less trades…need to get back in the grove

Things I did well: Cutting risk when I was wrong

Things I did poorly: No confidence, chasing, subpar setups, taking random setups?


Daily Report Card
1. Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop (Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 6/8 

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Posted (edited)

Day 133 - Jul 23 , 2020 

20 Tickets

3 Symbols 

Green Day 


PersonalFeeling good, morning routine complete.

Goal for the day: Take it slower today, be much more attentive to market moves and how things are playing out. SPY, Volume, Lvl 2 validation and checklist before every trade

Watch list:


RVOL at open:


TWTR - Long - Minor Ascending Triangle Breakout (-1 Adjusted Partials)

TWTR kept hitting against 38.34 forming a minor ascending triangle, took it as it broke through that level + VWAP on volume, and bids stepped up above big offer at 38.5. SPY also strong and ripping, think we could see TWTR breakout.

Trade management - absolute rooked it on the 2nd partial…. tried to place a limit order above…..typo so I took it ended up putting in order on the offer.

Note: 9:58 was thinking of adding, SPY huge hold at VWAP - and looks like we are holding the huge bid at 38.79 *350 lots. (Hindsight - need to be much more patient with my adds)



PFE - Long - Climactic Reversal (Not in Playbook)
Huge sell off into PDC and then threw a indecision with large vol - looking for potential turn around. Wanted to wait for a double bottom, but put in low vol pullback candles and thinking we could see a big move back up to VWAP. SPY Pushing up through PDC. Broke out from the range above 38.7 and then broke back on a major drop  - took half off. Left the rest until it was heading for LOD.

Improvement: Need to wait for more confirmation - this isn't even in my playbook, but allowing myself to take 1 trade per day BUT has to be with multiple confirmations.

TWTR - Long - Ascending Triangle
TWTR has been strong all day, pushing up forming nice higher highs up into the apex of triangle. Got in as we broke previous level looking for an the break through. Followed the game plan on partials, and then took the final one off as we made a fake breakout, double top and then broke MA's.

Good: Volume Validation, and was patient on the entry waiting for the shakeout candle. Followed game plan on partials.



BNTX - Short - Descending Triangle (Lvl 2 - Big Bid decrementing with velocity, -1 Adjusted Partials)

BNTX looking weak as it approached base of triangle with big bid sitting at 91. Offers kept selling into the bids, once we got to 91 saw it decrementing with velocity so I got in ahead of them right before the drop. Ended up working instantly.
Trade Management: panic partialed the 1 / 3 / 4 /5 / 6  partials, 2nd partial was planned.
Good: Great entry on Lvl 2 validation, got in infront of the large bid right before it broke.
Improvement: Need to focus more on making the right decision vs when to partial out. Read Ideal Entry below for notes on this.

Note: PFE getting hammered but BNTX holding up…not a good sign… this thing should be losing it. 14:06 - 200 lots the bid at 90.15 turned into 200 lots on the offer at 90.18 (Big player went short, and instantly put his stop loss above  - showing size in order to show resistance above)


Ideal Trade Management - Hindsight 20/20

Looking at a trade I took, and how I could have managed it in order to decrease risk / increase reward.

BNTX - Short - Descending Triangle

Entry - Exact Same, Taking the short ahead of the big bid which was decrementing with velocity  right at the Apex of triangle..

Exit - Planned partials: 20% at 1R, 40% at 2R.

Trade Management - 14:02 price tries to retest the breakdown level and quickly reject forming shooting star Doji - great place to re-enter full risk at 14:04 break of previous 1 min candle, risking top of doji at 91 level (just above for little room). SPY and PFE (sympathy play) both confirming the move and are heading down with increased selling. Take the final 40% off at initial 3R. The full size add would be played as a new trade, and same 20/40/40 % partials taken at 1/2/3 R which would all have executed on the drop down into 87.

Total R = 4.4R +

Trade Ideas

9:31 - TWTR popping, could see it continue to move here (No Setup - No Entry)

9:31 - SPCE up as well. Watch for a strong push and hold of highs. (No Setup - No Entry)

9:35 - PFE for ABCD 39 entry. Right at rejection of Pmlevel (1.5R = Breakeven)

9:38 - SPCE triangle is breakout from PMH , 26.7 entry, 26.39 stop  (Loser)

9:40 - TWTR 38.2 Long, 37.79, no setup but looks like it will continuye in this range  9:43 - really look slike it getting ready to launch (Poor setup -  but ~5R Winner)

9:44 - SNAP holding PDL? Couild be a nice reversal / double bottom (Winner ~3.5R)

9:45 - NKLA looking for ABCD but needs to get to VWAP. TSLA tanking so could see NKLA follow  (Didn’t touch VWAP, but if entered on that candle = Winner ~7.3R)

10:12 - BBY below Range (Technical Breakdown) , thinking could see a huge flush. This is basicly the gap fill as there was almost no volume done on the rally into that range (Loser)

10:19 - SPCE VWAP BnG right at PMH but don’t like SPCE getting bought up over and over on the daily (Loser)

10:27 - NVAX breaking descending triangle - don’t like it as its Low RVOL and not super clean on the triangle. (Didn’t break down - No Entry)

10:52 - SPCE asymmetrical. Break of 27.15? But don’t like SPY looking weak at PDC (No Entry)

10:59 - BNTX Asymmetrical / descending triangle as PFE is dropping and making lows 95.25ish entry, 96.02 stop. (Loser)

11:02 - SPCE asymmetrical breakout - this could be a great time to look at asymmetrical, and use the loaw vol pullback once its breaking out (~1.5R = Breakeven)

11:06 - BBY top of range, look for major rejection. Was thinking short - but this would have been a GREAT long on hold up to next range (No Entry)

11:25 SPCE looking interesting at this 27.5 lots of vol but might be topping? (too far from apex, want more consolidation)  (No Entry, good job being patient and letting it play out)

13 - check AMD bottoming vol a bit earlier. (No Entry - just a note)

15:31 - BNTX looking for a break of 87 to do a free roll (Did not Break - No Entry)

Trade Review

Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): FAIL

Felt like I had a much better read on the market today, price action was smoother and noticed a lot more on Lvl 2 - wasn’t forcing. One thing I really want to work on is my trade management, don’t think I have passed my report card once since I have implemented it - this bugs me. Today marks the last day of adjusting, I put too much focus on the exits at the moment and just don’t have discipline and control to let it play out.


From now - orders are in, only thing I can do is adjust R3 from 40% down to 20% if the price and stock are showing no signs of reversal.

Things I did well: Entries, Lvl 2 Validation

Things I did poorly: Adjusted partials - leaving profit on the table due to poor emotional control….just let the fckn trade play out….


Daily Report Card
1. Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop (Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 2/4 = 50%


Edited by Valentin

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Day 134 - Jul 24 , 2020 

22 Tickets

4 Symbols 

Red Day 



Goal for the day: 

Watch list:

Watchist Levels that worked:
SPY - 319.3 Support, major sell of and a bit extended into 319.3, broke briefly below and got bought right back up. Climactic reversal on new 1 min high at 13:17
INTC - 50 broke consolidated below and finally broke back through, tried to retest but got bought up. Entry at 10:09 at 50.24, risking 50. 7R+ winner.
NIO - 11.85 resistance held - good short entry at 11:09 once 11.90 double topped, and wick rejection off 11.85. Entry 11.80, stop 11.91, 2.5R

RVOL at open:


AMD (1) - Long - Asymmetrical Triangle (-1 Adjusted Stop)

Was watching it hover above and holding VWAP, SPY was pushing up and breaking HOD. Ended up taking it long as we were breaking out above previous 5min high. Should be much more patient here, didn’t even break out of asymmetrical triangle yet.

Improvement: Not happy with this trade., premature entry didn’t wait for breakout confirmation. Need to do a deep dive through asymmetrical triangle strategy.


AMD - Short - VWAP Break and Go

Took AMD as it consolidated below VWAP tried to make a push up but for rejected hard. Took it on the next candle - sold off and then bought right back up, took half off on fake breakdown hammer as planned. Collecting stops on either side with shakeout and then stopped me out.


Morning Note - If I was patient with AMD - Would have waited for Asymmetrical triangle to break on rising vol, then put in a low vol pullback and enter on new high at 10:51


BBY - Short - Range Rejection x2 (Not in Playbook, -1 Adjusted Stop)

These ranges have played out quite nicely over the last couple of days. Next range is 98.4 or drop to 96.6. I like the rejection and indecision on extreme volume, took it short as it made a lower high and then broke below previous 1min pivot.. But this was not a great play. 5min is showing buying. SPY is down, but I think could make a retracement back up to VWAP.

Improvement: Got too excited with my range theory, 5min is still showing buying - should have waited for a pop above that level to see what happens if it holds. Buying is coming in over and over.



INTC (1) - Short - 3Bar Playish / VWAP Break and Go ish (Not in Playbook)

INTC broke through VWAP, wanted it to come back up to VWAP and reject, got close but didn’t break throguh for the 3rd time - not clean. Took INTC short as lows of sellers came into the bid at 50.6, not a great setup. SPY is losing it, but its quite extended. Added to the short as big bid at 50.50 key level was decrementing quick, broke down on heavy volume but got bought right back up - take half off as planned. The rest didn’t like fake breakdown and took it off.
Improvement: Not clean - did not match VWAP Break N Go criteria, also chasing this.


PFE (1) - Short - Descending Triangle

Consolidation near lows almost all day, wasn’t super clean as it only hit 37.37 LOD only once. Finally made the move down, briefly found support on the 1 min, and then broke through - took it as ir broke thinking we could see a big resolution on such a long consolidation. Ended up being a clear market maker move took stops out and then rallied. - This could be a sign of flipping position.

Improvement: Not clean, only 1 touch - need to be stricter on my rule, or wait for a flush and low pullback rejection off that level.


INTC (2) - Long - Asymmetrical Triangle (Did not follow Game plan)

Got in as we broke previous range, little premature should have waited for 50.95/ 51 offers to lift as that is a major level which needs to be broken. But if SPY holds above VWAP we could see a nice rally into the close. Couple of Shooting stars as soon as I got in. This could be a fake breakout with huge rejection at 51.

Note: Need to do back test to see how the low volume pullback once the breakout is confirmed would work.

PFE (2) - Long - Bull Flag (Not in Playbook)

PFE rallied after a fake breakdown - thinking we could see continued move up. 5min showing continuous buying. Took it as it was holding above VWAP and mirror level, and broke out above the flag trendline. Stop below previous pivot low on the 5, grinded up for a few minutes and then huge drop to stop me out.

Improvement: No need to be taking this - not in setups, and not reading markets well just forcing plays at this point.


Trade Ideas

9:43 - INTC although already extended intc 50 SHORT TO 49 GAP FIL (1.2R - Breakeven)

10:18 - NKLA watching this 29.25 for potential descending triangle. Lots of volume coming in here thought (No Entry)

10:29 - BNTX - Potential Ascending Triangle  need 86.4 to break (No Entry)

10:45 - INO about to pop, breakout pullback / Bull Pennant 22.6 entry if it breakout, stop 22.33 (1.1R = Small Loser / Breakeven)

10:52 - TGT popped up on scanner turbo breakout, but looks like there a lot of vol coming on on the selling side. Around 125. (No Entry, just Noted)

10:55 - INTC interesting…would have liked a few more touches but sort of a triangle (No Entry)

11:00 NIO potential double top at 11.90 - but TLSA is strong…and thing is ripping. Wait for confirmation (No Entry , just noted)

11:02 - AMD, NIO and INTC looking like tops (No Entry, just note - NIO and INTC correct - AMD kept running)

11:14 - INTC breaking down, short on Asymmetrical Triangle / H&S
(Winner ~3.6R)

11:16 - NIO fake breakup and breaking down short 11.7 stop 11.81 (1.5R = Breakeven)

11:39 - INTC forming descending triangle but above VWAP. Break of 51 would be a huge entry with 2000 Lots (Right idea, but no entry - entry was 1 hour later)

11:39 - NIO Descending triangle at 11.6 but above VWAP (Above VWAP Short Rule = No Entry, but would have been a loser)

11:40 PFE longer time frame descending triangle. 37.37 break could shoot it down to 37.09 then 36.7. Would like to see a quick fake breakout to 37.47 to take stops out and then drop quick  (No Entry)

12:38 - INTC HUGE hold at 51. hitting over and over on descending triangle. Look for this to be igniting volume the move for VWAP Break N Go or potentially ABCD on the 5 and 15 (Winner~ 3.4R Descending Triangle)

12:45 - SNAP not a great setup, but thinking this could push back through 22 and make a push up. (Loser)

14:16 - INTC setting up for asymmetrical. Would like o see the 51 level break on volume and take it long. Above VWAP   (Noted - entry taken shortly)

15:04 - INTC climactic reversal. 50.61 entry, 50.49 stop extreme volume which looks like bottomed. (Loser)

15:36 - INTC thinking it could drop from here tight bear flag (Loser)

Trade Review

Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): FAIL

Sloppy trading to end the week off. Rough go…taking range trades all of a sudden…

Just not having a good day at all. Every single trade was red almost instantly….. Not reading the market, this is where I need to step away…yet now I notice myself trying to get into something just to prove I can make a good trade? Need to learn to walk, instead I am sizing down in order to give me a few more chances - other than that, this is definition of hulk mode…..fck.

Heavy review this weekend. Will be going over strategy and edge stats after watching Mike's webinar this weekend. 

Things I did well: 

Things I did poorly: Not taking my setups, chasing, adjusting stops, not taking clean setups


Daily Report Card
1. Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop (Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 5/7 = 71%

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Day 135 - Jul 27 , 2020 

28 Tickets

6 Symbols 

Green Day 


Personal: Rested up, morning routine complete, ready to go.

Goal for the day: Get back to the basics, one good trade after one good trade.

Watch list:


RVOL at open:
VXRT: 115%
MRNA: 300%
TSM: 700%


VXRT (1)- Short - ORB / Technical Breakdown (-1 Adjusted Stop)

VXRT was looking weak into the 10.25 PML level. 10.26 had a big bid and was decrementing quick - took it short as the bids dropped. Broke through that level but then ripper back up, took half off on fake breakdown. Adjusted the rest to just In front of 10 and then stop on break even.

Improvement: Not my strategy, but I am ok with taking this half size. Should definitely do more research on this though.


TSM - Short - Descending Triangle

TSM consolidating around VWAP after an extended move up, thinking we could see a break of LOD and potential gap close. Had a nice fake breakout collecting stops, and entered short on break of 80.8 which was the base.

Improvement: Pivot point for a stop loss is way too far - not a clean setup.


SOGO - Long - Ascending Triangle

Not my usual play. Had a long consolidation just above VWAP - took it long as it broke out on volume. 10:30 - clearly a distribution phase, will be looking to short this once it comes down. Getting stuffed every time it tried to spike up. Ended up being an absolute sleeper…..didn't do anything.

Improvement: Wasn’t that clean, touched briefly earlier but got rejected, need to have more confirmation.


Just all over the place. Not happy with my trading. Got caught up in a typical rookie setup SOGO chasing the breakout on a not so clear ascending triangle


INTC - Short - Descending triangle (-1 Adjusted Stop) 

HUGE bid 4000lots at 50 was taken out, took it short thinking we would see a huge resolution but got bought right back up. SPY also looking like its going to bounce. Ended up doing a fake breakdown and then rallied to VWAP

Note: Notice the Exhaustion volume, this is a sign of bottoming.


VXRT (2) - Short - Descending Triangle (Sub: 3 bar play on 15)

Took it short as big bids at 9.5 were decrementing quick, got In front of them as saw size reducing. Didn’t like SPY bouncing - but lots of selling coming in. got a quick flush for first partial and then bounced right back up stopping me out.



VXRT (3) - Long - Reversal (-1 Adjusted Stop, Not in Playbook) 
VXRT had climactic volume fake breakdown and then came up and broke through downtrend forming ABCDish with low vol pullback. Got in on new 1 min high after holding 9.62 to the penny, stop just below. SPY not looking great here, but thinking we could see a rally up to VWAP. Diud exactly what I thought it was going to do plus more…micro managed and ruined the trade.

Good: Good job noticing the strength on the climactic reversal

Improvement: Put the order in and leave it. Then adjust to B/E and let it be. Manually adjsuted, and ended up missing a potential 


DKNG - Asymmetrical Triangle

DKNG had some nice bottoming volume on a huge extended move. Was looking for a potential reversal. Put in a consolidation above that level trying to find a direction. Ended up giving a nice shakeout candle and then popping up. Took it as it pulled back on love volume and broke back out.

Good: Patience on the entry, waiting for shakeout candle, and then low vol pullback.


NKLA - Asymmetrical Triangle

Short NKLA on the drop and confirmation of breaking previous low, Below VWAP and PoC. Not much time left in the day, but thinking we could see a sell off. 1600 Lots jumped in on the bid at 33.04 after the fake breakdown.

Good: Had the right idea, just not long enough for it to play out.


Trade Ideas

9:38 - FE above the gap level, look for a gap close - but would like a pullback (Loser)

9:42 - MRNA short on ABCD right at that level, 78 entry 78.9 stop. (Winner ~2R)

9:46 - INO 22.5 PML breakdown which has held multiple times, very low RVOL tho  (Winner ~2.5R)

9:56 - VXRT holding 11 on the ABCDish/flag - look for a break above 11.15ish? Stop below 11 (No Entry)

10:18 - VXRT  was watching for a break of 11 for an ABCD setup here. (No Entry)

10:21 - NIO looking like a 5 min ABCD (Winner ~3R)

10:21 - INO 5 min ABCD (Winner ~9.2R)

10:22 - VXRT looking for a descending triangle here. Watch for VWAP Break and Go (Winner ~6R)

10:29 - PFE potential ascending triangle rally (Didn’t breakout = No Entry)

10:39 - ABUS looks like double bottom of PCL 5.06 would be entry and stop 4.94? (5min is a low vol pullback and this isnt in my setups. Loser)

10:43 - INTC potential bottom, huge lot at 50 - 4000lots (Loser)

10:46 - INO and NIO asymmetrical triangle (Noted, not sure which direction I would have taken though)

10:47 - MRNA Kind of a VWAP break and Go but didn’t come back into VWAP. Holding above the major support level 78.18, entry would be 78.6? Stop 78.14ish Missed the MRNA range above VWAP, pullback and shakeout candle (Winner ~4R)

10:55 - NIO asymmetrical / descending looking interesting on the 1 min. 5 and 15 dont look special. (Winner ~4R)

11:06 - TSM ascending triangle breakout (Loser)

11:14 - No trade just noticing DKNG and VXRT extreme volume - potential bottoming coming (VXRT was thinking of getting in 9.76 after the spinning top indecision doji

11:47 - INTC took me out fake breakdown and then popped  - low vol pullback entry (Winner ~3R)

12:48 - DKNG long of pullback. Thinking we will see VWAP + (Loser)

13:06 - ABUS Descending triangle (Winner ~2R)

13:13 - NKLA asymmetrical getting real tight. 13:33 was looking for a pop to 33 which happens, but then want the big bid at 32.8 (300lots) to decrement to show confirmation of breakdown.Bids stepping up to 32.85 another 400lots. Sign of strengh (No Entry)

13:29 - ABUS potential double bottom would like to see a low vol pullback. 13:56 - broke through, would like to see a consolidation and then continuation to downside. (Loser and Loser)

14:08 - TWTR igniting volume, a little late would like to see a low vol pullback and hold of Mas (Right idea, not real entry)

14:12 - NVAX Setting up for descending triangle ish at 137 - (pivot point way too far away = No Entry)

14:34 - AMD descending triangle at 68.8 (Loser)

15:04 - VXRT asymmetrical triangle. Had it at 10.9 but wanted to confirm and wait for a low vol pullback for confirmation. Missed the entrance it just took off  (Winner ~6.8R)

Trade Review

Goal 1: Hotkey Limit Orders (Entry, Profit, Stop): FAIL

Was an average day. Dropped back to previous size as I got shit on last week. This is a mental error - need to keep the size in order to get used to growth and more risk.


My Trade ideas have continued to show profitability, but I just don’t think its sustainable to be taking 15-20 trades a day……Noticing my favorite setups haven't been working that great (Triangles) so will be looking for a different setup to add. Really liking the reversal, Climactic, with confirmation of hold / double bottom and getting it on a low vol pullback.

Also thinking of doing a week of just taking all my trades in trade ideas. Will be too many trades to journal, so might just do a full page screenshot and show executions rather than a full write up.  

Things I did well: Stick to the plan for most of the day.

Things I did poorly: Adjusting partials


Daily Report Card
1. Auto Calc Entry, Profit, Stop (Adjust only in front of Major Level, and on Major Reversal Candle) = 5/8= 62%

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On 8/18/2020 at 8:16 PM, Christopher Patterson said:

Where you at!!!! @Valentin

Took some time off, got away from screens for a little while to reboot - had a much needed break!!!

Finally getting back into it. Will take the rest of September to make some key adjustments to my trading (theoretical at this point) but looking forward to a fresh start in October!


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