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DAS Weekly Free Q&A Webinar

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I just participated in a live completely open webinar Question & Answer session with a representative from DAS.

It is completely free, and live every Wednesday from 4pm-5pm Eastern Time.


Follow steps Below


1. http://marketdata.dastrader.net/webinarsignup.aspx – Follow this link for initial one time free sign up to receive an invitation to your first Webinar.


2. https://www.freeconferencecall.com/join/daswebinar – Follow this link to join the actual Webinar on Wednesdays at 4pm ET immediately after market close.

(I am not sure if you could skip step 1 if you have this link, or if this link changes each week and you have to wait for the weekly email invite, as today was my first session)


3. I had difficulties connecting my audio through my computer speakers, so I used their other option to call in with my phone, enter an authorization number which they clearly provide and received the audio through my phone, which worked and was very easy to setup.

I watched through my computer, and listened through my phone, at the same time.


4. They DO NOT save and post the sessions anywhere to review what was discussed.


Myself and others were able to ask all our DAS related questions and have them answered.

One question I asked was if the sensitivity on my mouse scroller could be changed within DAS because zooming in and out is soooooooo slow. Sadly, he said NO.

If the rep, who was named Ken, wasnt able to answer he provided his email and mentioned to email him the question and he will look into it and respond with the answer through email at a later time.


Also, I learned that all paying subscribers of DAS get a 1 time free hour session with their Tech Specialist to help setup or clean up your computer to maximize its day trading ability.

And you can reserve a time with one of their DAS experts for a private 1on1 session to answer all your DAS related questions. I am not sure if there is a fee for that option.


Hope this is useful to some of you!



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Interactive Brokers also offers ALOT of free webinars each month and provide a calendar at this link -




Not only can you register for all future IB Webinars, you can also register for previous Webinars they have listed on the link above and all you have

to do is register for an already recorded Webinar, and a another window will immediately pop up with the previously recorded webinar.



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