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  1. I just started a couple months ago (paper trading right now) and I'm from the same area too! I'm in lawrenceville, ga
  2. breakeven hotkey: ;CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Price=AvgCost;StopType=MARKET;STOPPRICE=AvgCost;StopPrice=Round2;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;Send=Reverse; Here's my montage settings(also my montage style is set to stop order):
  3. Every time I click my breakeven hotkey, the montage goes to stop order and I can't exit a trade or add more to my position unless I put the montage back to market or limit. This has became a big issue for me because I have missed many opportunities from forgetting to put the montage back. Is there anyway to fix this?
  4. I can't seem to use the hotkey for some reason. I keep getting "ERROR: Can't get valid price!" Edit: The hotkey only works for shorting, when I try to use the long hotkey it does not work at all. I copied the hotkey exactly as I saw it so I'm a bit confused on that...If there's a fix for that, please let me know. Also, when I try to use my cover or sell hotkeys, it does not work. It brings up this in the picture and I did manage to find a solution which was going into my montage and changing the type of order from "limit" to "market" and it worked. If there's another way to fix it without doing that, please let me know. I'm trying this in replay by the way.
  5. Can you give me the whole script with the "CXL ALLSYMB;" in it? I just want to double check and see if I did it right
  6. I'm trying to use quote mode to practice but I'm having this issue where the it is extremely laggy. The candle sticks mode very slow, the time sale window will freeze and unfreeze non stop and the volume will be really low when it wasn't like that in the real world scenario. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
  7. I'm having an issue where I can't exit a trade unless I remove the stop that's sent to the market. How do I fix this?
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