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  1. The "let the winners run issue" ..I like to define the "reason to sell" as a "did the momentum change?" (whos in control bulls/bears with my timeline) Thats a library of various trading strats. Orbs are momentum plays that can become trends where the real money hides. Otherwise its a scalp
  2. Are you suffering from analysis paralysis at open? Picking a stock that just sits? I see you have trade ideas as a scanner. They have a great new feature called stock racing and you can use it to focus on the movers. (sort top lists by volume, gap, pivot levels, float earnings... pick your catalyst preference) Then setup a race and focus on the directional winning movers. As a back test you can look at what others have traded and see if your scanner is presenting you the same opportunity to select your orb.
  3. Add a second pivot indicator to go with the first camarilla pivots The other central pivot line comes from volume by price indicator My Das is off atm so can't share screen shot.
  4. Here ya go .... 60 pages in pdf form Margin Restriction List by Symbol.pdf
  5. Just closed my account with CMEG. This shuts off my DAS/trading setups. Not setup to trade at IB or any prop firms. Have some amazing custom software setups with subscriptions that I will have to shelf.. Ugh (BBT/Trade-Ideas / Tradingview). Best of luck to all the great folks here and there trading. Keep it GREEN!!
  6. They just introduced 60 pages of restricted margin stocks. This effects all margins not just the smaller accounts
  7. Very disappointing , the time and effort put in to setups. Hope everybody can find a new home so they can trade.
  8. I use 14 as vwap tends to be a lag style , setting up a base line as day progresses.
  9. not camarillas, Finding entry locations using longer term setups. The https://stocktradingsimulator.com/ is where you can signup and get there recaps and updates. Aiman and Simon have a bunch of them on twitter if you search. They do a nice job showing their thought process for selection. Also use a stop range order on some of these to get into positions .
  10. it is possible with Trade ideas to create a scan to look for stocks as they enter the zones of support and resistance using custom formulas. Depending on location of resistance you can use alert types to show the price as it comes into a zone. If you have a watch list you can also use a similar zone calculator to show stocks closest to a specific style of Resistance line trade .. R4 breakout area or reversal. Using premarket post data in calculations is beyond the scope I have tackled.
  11. I got a reply for the question from a user of the hot button. "I typed Atr(14) value into price box and hit ATR button. It will take 10% partial at that value. I custom make it. It will calculate from LOD or HOD to ATR(14)"  My thought is its used for swing trading or really big breakout moves

  12. I have seen some ATR hot buttons on montages. Do they add lines on the chart? Anybody got this hot key so I can give it a try. Thanks a bunch
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