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  1. I'm near Fort Worth. I'm interested.
  2. I bought an Elgato Streamdeck but I am unable to figure out how to setup the hotkeys. I went to system, then hotkey, gave it a title, then in hotkey: click to assign ----- WHAT DO I DO NOW? I tried hitting the DAS hotkey on the Montage when it says "observing keystokes" but it just keeps going back to "click to assign". ?????
  3. Can anyone provide feedback for hotkeys, as in setting up a key on your keyboard (ex. F1 = buy 400 shares) vs having a button that you click with your mouse within DAS Montage where it will, for example, buy 400 shares? With my limited hotkey experience up to this point, I'm liking the buttons within DAS Montage but I don't see or hear of many people talk about that vs shortcuts on keys on the keyboard.
  4. I can't remember if I have read this or heard this on a video, but is DAS Trader free if you have a funded IB account?
  5. Hi all...my name is Amy (Amy G in chat). I live in the Dallas / Fort Worth, TX area. I work in healthcare. I'm a CT Scan Tech who works in the ER. I LOVE what I do and have no interest at this time of leaving my career to pursue trading. I would like to use trading to build up my retirement account. I am very fortunate to have a schedule that allows me to be in the stock market for the first few hours of the day without interfering with my full time job. I have been interested in trading for years but most of the time I just did not have the time and/or money to really get into it. In Feb. 2015 I found Day Trade Warrior (Ross Cameron) and after a couple of months I was breaking even with live day trading. I like some things about his stuff (day trading) but other things I was not so crazy about. In May 2015 I was faced with an unexpected divorce so I put all trading aside because I just was not in the right frame of mind for trading. About a year after my divorce I started looking at trading again and this time I looked at futures. After a few months I was doing so-so with futures, but I just have never been as excited about futures as I was stocks. I was reading an email one day about a month or so ago from Amazon.com and it was book recommendations based on books I had purchased in the past. At the top of that list was Andrew's book and it caught my attention. I went to Amazon and read some of the reviews and then bought the book. It wasn't until after I bought the book that I discovered Andrew's site. I have signed up with the 1 year chat, classes, and 3 months of DAS simulator. I just started chat and DAS simulator a few days ago. I hope after 1 year to be averaging $500 per day with real money.
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