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  1. Hi Kyle / Abiel/ BBT, I have successfully separated LIVE and SIM icons. Now if I want some one else DAS settings (via dsk file), I cannot use their dsk file, it gives the following error, probbaly because they are not using this separate SIM and LIVE system. How to resolve this issue ? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi Kinga, Did you find Kyle's key version to use for Futures Trading?
  3. Updating DAS Trader Pro to new version : After updating "DasTrader Live Account" (Tools -> Auto Update) to version , I was not able to launch SIM by clicking "DasTrader-SIM Account". So, I copied DASTrader.exe from "DasTrader Pro" and pasted into "DasTrader Pro_Sim" folder (replaced old DASTrader.exe) and now my issue is resolved. So every time after updating DasTrader LIVE , copy the .exe from folder "DasTrader Pro" paste it into "DasTrader Pro_Sim" (replacing the old .exe). It works great !!
  4. I was trying to record the trading session with OBS and having the below error: Nvenc codec operation not permitted Following video solved the problem, without even updating any graphic card driver. The video is in Spanish, but without knowing Spanish it helped me to solve the issue. Posting it here incase. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HhkYqm_4X8&t=2s
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