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  1. Is there a video on this? I mean on how to activate the Montage. I watched all the Videos on DAS; implemented all of the processes and Hotkeys, but I am still having trouble exiting positions.
  2. Hi, I recently joined BBT after reading advance Techniques in Day Trading. I also watched all the videos on how to navigate DAS and few on trading strategies. I shall say, I am getting a good idea on how to find the stock in play and enter a position within my DAS simulator. But, I am having a lot of difficulties -should I say its been impossible- to exit my positions. I keep getting this error message "Invalid Share" on my montage. I have looked around and even went back to re-watch the videos on DAS, both here and on Youtube, I don't seem to find what I am doing wrong, but I still can't exit. Also My DAS platform isn't giving me the option to enter "Stop Types". Help please! this is soo frustrating. Thanks for some help. Michelle.
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