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  1. Hey dude.....very nice and clear entries overall. Your micro-managing issue is one most of us have. Is attachment to money. One thing I am working on is to think on getting consistency on smaller targets (2:1 in my case) and create a system to INCREASE my R size as I get consecutive winners, and DECREASE as I get a hit. Grow the account thru size more than biggest Winners. This way you get more aggressive with house money, and make a BIG jump when u have few consecutive wins, while protect yourself when few consecutive losses. You have the data to track it. Also it's true many 2R trades end up going to 10R so I am looking for a simple and systematic way of allowing part of the trade to run, but with HUGE focus on getting / locking in 2R the most. I have an excel file I created for this but I can not attached here. Let me know if u want it and an email.
  2. No specific stats but for sure stay with high RVOLS......volume is the king !!! Good luck.....keep it safe.
  3. Tks for ur reply.....I know what u mean and I also use it, my main question was how it's calculated in DAS (I do not use it yet). Is the Actual Vol / Avg Daily Vol ? Is it some kind of comparable Volume ? like Act Vol / Avg Vol AT THAT TIME OF DAY ? I follow the first one one diff platforms. So if stock opens with 75% it would mean it already made (75% of it's Avg DAILY Vol) but the REAL RVOL I believe would be comparing to the same time of day....but this is kind of hardest to find on other platforms. Tks dude....and great trading and journal.
  4. Hi Valentin, How / Where do u measure the RVOL @Open ? Tks
  5. Hello, Do you know if u can you show pre market low / high with Price Markers WHILE NOT HAVING pre market data checked? Or only when pre-market data is on the chart? Tks
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