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  1. This is well said Davis. After so many years of day trading I still wasn’t able to find person who really day trade for a living. On the opposite I found many who claim they do but they sell courses or couching. The question is why they waste their time and energy on courses, chat rooms and all that when they can focus their time and energy on trading and their personal life. Of course some people do really want to help others and find enjoyment and pleasure in that but it is definitely unusual that everyone who claims that makes money day trading always has something to sell.
  2. Hi Milos, just thought I would say hi. I live in the south east corner of BC, Sparwood to be exact.

  3. This is great Alastair, Thank you so much for you time to explain this. I will need to spend some hrs in monitoring the tape so that I can correlate with the price action. This as everything else im trading requires time and lot of work to turn into real $.
  4. Hi guys, I have watched the bookmap videos and I have to say it is quite amazing. I was trying for a while to find out exactly how the order flow mechanics works and these videos explain pretty well. While observing the time and sale this week I noticed that lot of transactions are made in between bid and ask. This would show up in white colour if you didn’t change that setting in DAS.. My question is: 1. How do you interpret these transactions. Bullish, bearish or even neutral. I’ve noticed that the higher prices stocks such as AAPL or TSLA have more inside transactions. 2. Who is allowed to be filled in between bid and ask. I certainly can’t. Is this only reserved for market makers? I would appreciate your thoughts.
  5. Thanks for your input. I will definitely look at the bookmap video…
  6. After Thor’s webinar on tape reading I have read the book “Dark Pools” by Scott Patterson and listen the Chat with Traders Podcast with Aaron Fifield and the guest he had on the show name Sang Lucci. From what I read and learned from these guys is that tape reading and level 2 are must know strategy for long term and consistent success. So far I haven’t understood and used much these tools but I’m planning to dive into. Just want to see how many of you agree that this is something that is must know for success and how much of your trading strategy is based on these two indicators?
  7. I would really appreciate if someone from the community who is profitable experienced trader can meet online and give us some guidance on how to move forward and become better traders. I have been trading for 2+ years and so far I’m just breaking even or losing slowly. I’m stuck in this period for the long time and don’t know what is needed to overcome this problem. if anyone experiencing same or similar issues please comment to connect and hopefully someone from community will come forward and help us all. Cheers!
  8. Hi everyone, Does anyone knows what are the fees for opening and maintaining the account with TD. I tried to read their terms but it was not very clear.
  9. Thanks for your answers guys. I’ve been through those risk controls, R’s, win rates and all the stats, and while this is important it did not give me the profits to live of day trading. I would like to hear from someone who is day trading for living. So far I have met more than 10 people who are doing day trading for 2+ years and non of them is day trading for living or making any significant money. I know it is possible to do it so if someone is making money I would appreciate to come out and give us all some guidance.
  10. Hello, I’m looking for someone who is consistently profitable trader to help me out with overcoming couple set backs. I have been trading for 1.5 years and slowly gaining consistency. On the end of the month I’m in the profit but still that is way far from what it should be. I need to have more winners but right now I have no Idea how to make that happen. If anyone who is consistently profitable can share 1hr over the zoom to give me some guidance, I would really appreciate that. Thanks!
  11. I also want to hear from someone who day trade for living. I have been trading for 1.5 and so far I only break even of with small profit.
  12. Sounds good. I hope you\ll get well soon. Let's aim for next week.
  13. Sounds good Adi. Let’s see if someone else wants to join us and we will find the place.
  14. Hello! Is any of you members willing to meet again after breakfast with Andrew and continue to have trading discussions ? I think it would benefit to all of us to share some experiences. If you are let me know and I will find some place where we can meet. Regards, Milos
  15. It was the good joke man.... everyone took you seriously which is even more funny.
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