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  1. I am having a problem finding things on the BBT website (like past presentations and webinars). Is there a "search engine" feature on BBT? There was one before but I can't find it. It is a nice looking site, but confusing and not very user friendly IMO. There should be a search feature on every single page, or just put it in the header part of the website next to the "Members Home" tab
  2. Hello, my name s Lorin Stoll, I live out in the stix in southern Idaho. I have been investing since the mid 90's. My father got me into it back when we had to go to the library and read the MorningStar reports and xerox stuff to research. Been with Schwab the entire time. Sold off my Adobe stock to buy my current house. After buying the house I had about 90k left, but after the market crash due to the corona virus it dropped to 16k. Needless to say I was devastated. I decided to really focus on learning about ways to bring my portfolio back up, and decided if I could just make 1-2% a day, I would be in good shape eventually. I was successful (at first), brought my account up 18K, but then had a horrible loss of 6k in one trade. Soon after, Schwab pinged me as a "pattern day trader" and made it so that I could no longer trade intra-day. I eventually got it (temporarily) removed, but now I can only make 2 intra-day trades per week (or invest or swing trade). I have a really hard time figuring when to get out of a trade, and before reading Andrew's book I entered trades without having a stop loss. You know how that turns out! At this point I decided I better figure out what exactly "day trading" was since I was enjoying it while it lasted. I have read, re-read and then read again Andrew's book "How to Day Trade for a living" I have watched through the "Onboarding" Class and made it to Module 3 on the "Community Resources" and love them. Really helpful stuff - and I am already making Journal entry's BTW. Now I am on to Class 1 "How to Trade in a Simulator" Thank you for everything so far. [email protected]
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