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  1. until

    lets do this.
  2. Hi Dieter, I have not seem a scan nor Peter has mention there's one available. I've been using this setup and rely on the chatroom and the stocks am watching. So technically the community is the scanner, as we can all see and point it out as its happening.
  3. Excelente idea. Yo estare presente
  4. Hello all, It's the Jimmy's time, looks like another one join a few hours before I did Am in New York. I currently work as the Information Technology Director for a health center. Hold a Master degree in Cyber Security and have done fairly well for myself but I always knew there was something missing. In order for me to achieve higher financial goals, I had to work more and more hours and gain new sets of skills or take new responsibility. The more responsibility I take, the less am able to enjoy what I make. So I started searching for the unknown, and a friend introduce me to options trading. A week after some briefly YouTube videos I signup to Robinhood with $1,200 and started options-trading. Within a week I made 800 and was immediately fascinated by it. Soon-after I double my initial investment and soon-after I lost it all in the China Trade War . Then I stumble into Andrews book and was laughing the entire time, because I felt he was talking about all the mistakes I made. Then I bough Brian's book and other research and its been a marvelous experience. I've been joining every morning for the pre-market show and finally decided to come onboard and meet others like minded traders and novice like me attesting to catch this one in a life time opportunity in the market. Hope you are all well and keeping yourself save in this hard times.
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