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  1. @KyleK29 Thank you for this man! I am wondering if you could point me in the right direction for changing the stop limits to trailing stop. I'd like to see how the trailing stop strategy works for me. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks Kyle.
  2. @Robert H My settings are mostly greyed out in the Reset Equity/BP page. Any thoughts on why this might be? Also, is there a place where I can simply change the leverage amount to 6:1 to reflect CME? Or do I simply need to do the math myself (eg. I want a $5k sim account do i put $5000 in equity and $30000 in BP)? Thanks in advance! -Alex
  3. @kelvinkwong0621 I think you might be able to do that under the risk management page. Should be right under where the Reset Equity/BP tab is!
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