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  1. Hi JC, Many Thanks for this! This has really helped me with journaling and keeping track of my trades and progress. The breakdown of individual stats is brilliant! Its really helping me nail down which strategies are working best for me and giving the most consistent 'R'. Im so glad you have shared this with the team. It is very comprehensive. Previously, I was using a very basic spreadsheet i made myself, im no Excel expert by any means, and it definitely wasn't getting me very far in showing me what is and what is not working. I love how your spreadsheet/journal allows someone to clearly see all the different metrics and really get to the nitty gritty. Lastly, the Playbook is amazing! I love how i can pull up clear examples of all my different strategies and setups and take a quick glance, reminding of exactly what I should be looking for. Also, i can track the rules required for each setup. The most useful part on a day to day basis is the 'R' calculator, this enables me set tighter stops and know exactly when i should take partials and not miss out on a bunch of profits! Once again, Thank You so much for sharing this amazing trade tracking tool!
  2. Thanks PeterB! I flicked around the screens and seemed to sort it. i dont remember changing the primary screen in between setting up DAS but hey ho, im back up and running! Thanks!
  3. Hi All, I just got my new trading station PC all set up, 4 monitors, windows 10 pro the whole 9 yards. I did a fresh install of DAS demo, (i'm still in SIM) set up my 7 montages and 21 chart windows, saved multiple times after many many tweaks to the desktop layout. Did a final save once I was kind of satisfied. Then restarted my PC, opened up DAS to see if it would open up like how i have set it up. And it just opens with a blank grey screen, i went to file open desktop, opened the saved file (which i just overwrite the default.dsk file with all my saves) still nothing. However when i hover over the DAS icon for the windows in the taskbar, you can see each window listed there, however clicking on them still does not open any of the windows. I'm really hoping there is a way to save me from having to redo the whole set up again, it took hours! :cry: Anyone had this issue or similar before? What was the fix please? Any input is greatly appreciated. Regards, Yazz
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