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  1. No doubt, I'm sure it will. I know I'll be keeping up with the thread for sure.
  2. They had me up to the limitation on trading before 8am. Couldn't deal with that. Please let us know if they start allowing trading earlier. Thanks!
  3. It's part of having an edge in the market. I have been amazed at how often they do seem to work, but nothing is %100. It's just a bigger probability that these patterns will repeat themselves, as opposed to just going out and taking trades with no edge.
  4. Thanks JD, I tried to open a live chat, but nobody home. I sent them a message. I usually record the open and my trades, but for some reason the recorder did not start this morning.
  5. DAS is telling us that the replay function is available to everyone now, and free for the first month. When I try to switch to replay, I get a message that I do not have permission. I watched the video on how to use it, but still can not get it to work. Has anyone else been able to use it yet?
  6. I use the Genovation, and although it took some configuration and getting used to using it, I really like it so far.
  7. Found these while searching for chart pattern illustrations. Thought I'd share them with the community.
  8. I went on a mission to learn as much as I could about chart patterns. This is the best web page that I could find that explains in detail many of the common chart patterns that we look for as day traders. Hope you find it as useful and educational as I did. https://school.stockcharts.com/doku.php?id=chart_analysis:chart_patterns
  9. Absolutely, even my wife and son had a great time, and we are all looking forward to Jacksonville!
  10. Just put our names on the sign up sheet. Looks like 65 now. See you all there, looking forward to it!
  11. I agree on all counts. I didn't know when I opened my account that I was being directed to download Sterling, or that I had to specify DAS. By the time I downloaded the platform and logged on, I was on the hook for the full $150, for the calendar month, no pro rated charges. The fact that they sent me someone else's logon info by mistake was troubling as well. I did have to contact them again today, but the logon email with the link to download DAS did finally arrive. I opened an account with IB today, will probably only keep the CMEG until the end of the month, which will give me time to get my IB account up and running. I hope that there are users who will find this information useful. That was my intent with this post.
  12. Good morning @Justin, thank you for your reply. The fact that you are able to pull one sentence out of the information I provided and are able to use that to alert me to the fact that it makes the warning I tired to provide useless, tells me I have not been clear enough in the point I'm trying to make. Ironically, the reason I left out those details was in the interest of clarity, but obviously I failed. My thought was that the specific details of my issue would be helpful to someone trying to resolve my issue, but what I'm trying to do here is provide folks with information that I wish I had when I was trying to decide on a broker. You say "Bad customer service won't deter people from using the service." I should point out that I'm really not looking to deter people from using the service. I'm simply trying to provide information. However, from my point of view, bad customer service is exactly what is driving me to find a new broker. As I have said in the past, when things are working well with CMEG, it's great. But being ignored when there is an issue is unacceptable to me, given what is involved here. So, since I am still unable to trade, thanks to the fact that I'm continuing to be ignored by CMEG, I will try to synopsize; 1. On October 17, 2019, I sent an email to CMEG customer service, requesting they switch my account from Sterling Elite Pro, to DAS. 2. On October 18, 2019, I received this; Your request to switch your account from the Traders Elite Pro Platform supported by Sterling to the version supported by DAS has been received. As per your request, your account will be switched to the DAS platform. Please note that due to processing requirements this switch can only occur at the end of this calendar month and you will be able to use the requested platform on the first trading day of the new month. You will have full use of the current platform until the switch is processed at the end of the month. Please also note if you have any open positions, these will have to be closed before the platform switch can occur. An email confirmation will be sent on the last business day of this month advising of your new credentials and platform download link. If you have any questions in the meantime, please call us at 833-445-9086 or send an email to clientservices@cmelitegroup.com. Thanks for being our client - have a great day! Your team here at Capital Markets Elite Group LTD. 3. I did not receive the email as promised, and I had been warned that if I logged on to my account on November 1 or later with sterling, there would be a full charge of $150, plus the full charge for DAS, since there are no pro-rated charges. 4. When I was unable to trade on November 1, I called the support number, which I have stored in my phone. I put the phone on speaker, and after 2 hours, gave up, and left a message. An hour later, after not receiving a reply to my voice message, I tried again. After approximately 20 additional minutes on hold, a person finally answered. I explained my situation, and was assured I would receive the email with my new logon information that day, Friday, November 1. I later received an email stating that I would receive the email that day. 5. The promised email never arrived, and I am still waiting on November 4, 2019, and still unable to trade. What if I were calling because I was in a trade, that I needed help with? What if I had lost power, or my internet connection? When everything works, CMEG is great! I'm just trying to warn folks to please, use max loss in DAS, and set it to close the position if max loss is hit. If you don't know how to do that, there is a video available in the education area of the website.
  13. Hey man, it happens to all of us. You came to the right place for help. Glad it worked out. I will be signing up with IB on Monday, so thanks for posting back that it worked.
  14. Yes, I got so frustrated that I actually considered retiring from trading completely. This learning curve is hard enough without having to deal with PDT, and offshore brokers with zero customer service. I'm looking at it differently now. I'm actually lucky that I wasn't in the middle of a trade problem that could have wiped out my account when I discovered that no matter what, I'm on my own. I'm convinced that they have more business than they can handle, so I will be helping them by closing my account. It's sad, because things are great with CMEG, until they are not. Then it is as bad as it gets. I'm sure that I will still be unable to trade on Monday, because they are refusing to do 5 minutes worth of work, and it boggles my mind. I discussed it with my wife, and we decided that we are going to close the CMEG account, take the tax hit, and open a real account with IB. Calling them first thing Monday morning. Will keep everyone updated on how long it takes to get my money back from CMEG. Right now, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they continue to ignore me, and I never get it back. Not sure what recourse I would have, should they decide to go that route. Please, everyone....If you are trading with a CMEG account, be sure to enable max loss in DAS. If a problem occurs and your account gets blown up, it's over.
  15. This forum is the absolute best, often times we get broker support here more quickly than the broker themselves. So happy to have signed up as a lifetime member.
  16. I emailed them a link to this forum post. I finally heard back from someone, maybe will be fixed this afternoon, maybe Monday. They tried to use the excuse that they couldn't fulfill their commitment because I used my account yesterday. Of course, no one told me ahead of time not to do that. They said a link and new log on information would be sent at the end of trading yesterday, which never happened. The users of this forum also need to be alerted to the fact that when my initial email was sent when I activated my account, they mistakenly sent me another users log on information. I immediately deleted the email and let them know right away what they had done, but only received a reply thanking for my continued interest in CMEG. I suspect that this was neither the first, or last time that something like this has happened. Honestly, I'm ready to just stop trading completely. Will be giving it a lot of consideration this weekend.
  17. Thanks for your informative reply. I find it extremely interesting that being forced into sim today I had what would have been my best day ever since using real money. I had to make some changes because my sim account is not set up like my real account, so I had to watch fewer stocks, and I killed it with the choices I made. This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I would like to go with IB, but I would need to pull out at least 30K out of an IRA, (and even then only really have a 5K account) and pay taxes on that, while my wife and I are still working. Ouch. I'm using the strategy of small account, small risk, small shares. But I'm starting to see your point of the danger of account blowup. I have days where my patience is tested, and it gets harder to stay in control at those times. I think the issues that CMEG is having right now is probably due to their growth. That's not my concern, as there is nothing that I can do about that. My issue is now that I know that if I have an issue while in a trade, even having their number stored in my phone is useless. Continuing with them after knowing this seems almost irresponsible, except that I know that I can set a max loss in DAS, which I most certainly do.
  18. Finally got through to someone on the phone, after trying for 2 days. Interesting that I got a response from one of the great BBT admins here, before I was able to get anyone on the phone at CMEG. I don't want to go into details, but suffice to say, this is 100% an issue with CMEG which they had 2 weeks to correct, and completely failed. The worst part is, had they simply sent an email letting me know that they were not going to be able to do what they said they would do, then I could have at least had some warning, but they were unable to send even just one email in two weeks. I now know that if I ever have an issue while in a trade, I am completely on my own, with no support whatsoever. The users of this group need to have this information. I am not an unreasonable person, I fully realize mistakes are made, we're all only human. But when it is too much to ask for a company to send one email letting their clients know that they are not going to be able to follow through with a commitment, that is completely unacceptable.
  19. Thank you for your reply, but I was on hold with them for 2 hours this morning, with no reply. Left a message. I'm seeing reports in the chat of another trader getting his orders rejected. If they are still in business, I think BBT should reconsider supporting them, or at least provide a caveat that if there is a problem, do not expect an acceptable level of customer service.
  20. I'm not able to trade today, and have no idea when I will be able to resume trading, due to lack of support from CMEG. Maybe they have more business than they are able to support, but on those occasions when I have needed support, I have had to wait for days to get any type of response at all. I will be forced to use other options, which I did not want to have to use. Just wanted to provide information to those in this group who may be trying to decide on a broker. CMEG is great, until you need customer service. If there is an issue, my experience has been that you will be forced to wait several days, just for a response.
  21. Hi Kurt, thanks for the welcome. Yes, I already sent an email with a general question and received an almost instantaneous reply. I am turning 60 this month, and I have been thinking about starting a service similar to BearBulls, with the idea of focusing on serving the "seasoned" demographic. I believe that I can relate to the specific challenges of the curmudgeons among us. However, after seeing what is out there, I knew that there was no way that I could operate like most I have seen, and be able to live with myself. Finding this site changed all that. It may well never come to fruition, but at least I know that it is possible to do it the right way, and be successful. right now, just focusing on the next step, and looking forward to it!
  22. Hello to the best trading community out there! My name is Glen Miles, but I normally go by my middle name, which is Duane. I live with my wife Precy, and my 12 year old son Matt in warner Robins, GA, about an hour and a half south of Atlanta. I'm an engineer specializing in field service of medical imaging equipment, primarily CT, and MRI scanners. I have had a long, successful career, and I enjoy it very much. I am currently employed by Canon Medical Systems USA, and they are a great company for which to work. I recently decided to no longer be simply a passive investor, and made a decision to take responsibility for the performance of my portfolio. I started out by learning as much as I could about analyzing the fundamentals of companies, and technical analysis of charts. I built a portfolio that includes long term, as well as swing investments. I have always had a curiosity for day trading, but I was alarmed by what seemed to be an endless supply of vultures looking to feast upon the naïve and/or desperate folks who might be looking to get rich quick, or at least any easy way to quit the 9 to 5 grind, and work a couple of hours a day from a condo in the Bahamas. Even though I don't consider myself among that group, I still found that I had some misconceptions about day trading in general. I was thrilled to find Dr. Aziz's book, How To Day Trade For A Living. I read it in a couple of days, and I am now reading Advanced Techniques In Day Trading, and I just signed up as a lifetime member. I plan on spending a few months trading with the simulator, to see if all this is for me. I have some other things motivating me along this route, but I'll probably be discussing these things in the future. right now I just wanted to say hello, and I'm looking forward to the adventure.
  23. Definitely a ton of great information, and a lot of options to think about. Luckily I still have several months left in the simulator, so I have some time to weigh my options. My biggest dilemma now is the fact that my CEMEG application was approved, so I need to decide whether or not to actually fund that within the next 30 days, or they will close the account. Parking a few thousand in there and watching it get eaten up by fees while I'm still in training is not an option, especially when I'm strongly biased towards ultimately going with IB. I believe I took the best possible action available to me today, I signed up to be a lifetime member! The 25% off using the MONTANA discount code was an offer I just could not refuse. After spending about a month looking at what is available out there, this was pretty much a no brainer. The training material alone is well worth it, and making use of the chat room is something that I could see happening even years down the road. Add to that the fact that for me, the key to real happiness is in helping others, and a lifetime membership in the chat room is a great opportunity to do just that. What more could you ask for! Now it's really time to get to work!
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