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  1. Hi Mark, Not trying to sound like a jerk or anything, but I a disagree with your short on CTRP. Even though the trade works out in your favor, we shouldn't analyze the trade based on a single outcome. CTRP opened very strong, it broke pre-market high (a level at $34.5 if I'm not mistaken), VWAP, PCL and other MAs. On the 5, we can clearly see a bullish flag candle. There had not been any real pull back yet from your entry. CTRP was not very extended from VWAP. In addition, CTRP is on an uptrend on the daily making higher highs and higher lows. It seemed to be ready to go up to test the resistance at $35.68. Usually for stocks that open this strong, we would see a pull back to VWAP then push higher for an ABCD pattern. The said don't short strong stocks as it is very dangerous... Personally, I think that we should wait for CTRP to test VWAP and if it hold VWAP then we should go long for the break of high of the day.
  2. 9/20/2019 - The losses are getting smaller, so maybe that is the good news. Shouldn't have chase/copy Kurt today. I paid big price for it. CRC - On the daily chart, CRC's price is stuck in the middle 3 MA. 2 around $12.11 and 1 below it so it's not clear of the direction of CRC on the daily chart. Trade 1 - CRC opened strong. It pushed above VWAP and MA. Then pulled back below VWAP on the 1. It was sort of forming a bull flag on the 1 so I thought it might pop up. As a result I went long for a 2 mins ORB. Problem was that the 50 and 200 SMA were right above my entry and it couldn't break through. $12.11 is also MAs on the daily so it was probably a bad trade. XLNX - Revenge and over-trade. XLNX was a gapped down stock. Trade 1 - Perfect 3 mins ORB once XLNX rejects VWAP. Trade 2 - Chase/Copy Kurt's call. XLNX does looks like a VWAP false breakout though. Also, the bearish engulfing candle on the 1 makes it even more attractive. Trade 3 - Tried to short again once XLNX rejects VWAP. Got stuck in the consolidation period. Trade 4 - Decided to go long when XLNX looks like it want to squeeze above VWAP. It failed to do so and I got out. Trade 5 - Revenge short. It sort of worked out. PCG - bull flag/ABCD pattern on the 1 + 5 mins ORB on the 5. A+ setup and it worked out!
  3. 9/19/2019 - Small loss today. I traded a bit scare. Still lack of patience. I realized that my trading style is in and out. I will miss the big moves if need to be, but as long as I catch the small moves, I am good! From now on, I will try to cover profits as quickly as possible. Whole dollar levels / half dollar levels are where I cover my profits. AAPL - 1 mins ORB. Being too greedy that I didn't cover profits at $223. Risk was less than 20 cents (below MA), reward was nearly 50 cents at $223 so I should have cover a lot more than the 30% of my position. NCR - Hammer on the 5. Higher highs and higher lows on the 1. Bullish engulfing candle on the 5. Got impatience because $32.2 is a level and there was a 50 SMA there. NCR was chilling below that level for 5 minutes so I got cold feet and bailed, then it popped. I knew it was bullish, but I was being a chicken. MU - Trade 1 - Hammer on the 5, higher highs and higher lows as well. I noticed a squeeze at 9:49. Then, MU was testing VWAP and I thought it might pop. The problem was that the 200 SMA on the 1 and 50 SMA was so close. As a result, I shouldn't have taken the trade. If it was a 9 or a 20 EMA then it's fine, but 50 and 200 are too strong. Trade 2 - Tried another long impatiently and got stopped out. Trade 3 - Decided to short when MU looked like a VWAP false breakout. Unfortunately, MU just chopping below VWAP for a long time before it make a big drop at 10:25.
  4. Yeah AMD used to be my best friend... Nowadays, it's my worst enemy
  5. 9/18/2019 - My psychology is very messed up. I am not being able to see the charts for what they are. Took 1 okay set up and 2 bad ones. Maybe time to go back to sim? #SadBoy ACAD - Bullish engulfing candle, looked like a squeeze. I tried to go for a 5 mins ORB.SMA 200 and $41.00 level too strong. GIS - Tried to go for a short for a 10 mins ORB. Bad set up. Look at the big squeeze candle on the 1 mins chart... FDX - Tried to do quick VWAP reversal when FDX seemed to hold $151 level. No clear confirmations on the 15 mins chart. Another pathetic trade...
  6. 9-17-2019 - Today is a very bad day. I broke all my rules and acted like a donkey. Ah and the market chopped me left and right too... AMD - Tried for a 5 mins ORB when AMD broke pre-market high. Averaged down at VWAP. Frozen when AMD dropped below VWAP and MAs then finally decided to get out at 200 SMA. I'm banning AMD from my watch list unless it has a catalyst!!!!!!!!! GLW - 5 mins ORB + Engulfing crack. Revenge trade after AMD so didn't notice the wick on the previous candle on the 5-mins chart. Pre-market level looked pretty bullish on the 5 too, so bad trade. KHC - Look at the wicks on the 5 minutes chart... This stock is too choppy too trade!!!!! Got chopped up 3 times for various of stupidity. FNKO - Reversal. Noticed massive volume on the 1 minute candle. Didn't cover 12 cents profits because greed and got stopped out. WLL - Got chopped up 5 times. Stupid new lows on the 5 minute charts that stopped me out. Also, I 3x my original size which messed up my psychology. Could have cover small profits here and there and NOT be greedy to wait for a home run to cover my losses. P&L - I only like to post my losses as it reminds me of what can happen if I don't obey my rules. When I post my wins, I usually feel arrogant and the market usually punish me.
  7. 9/16/2019 - Today is commission day. Way over-trading for me. I will probably pay 1.0% to 1.5% of my account to CMEG It was a roller coaster too.. I should have walked away when I was up, but it's all good! HAL - Gapped up. Great on the daily chart. Looked like one of those runaway gap up. Trade 1 - I noticed HAL just squeeezed up above VWAP. On the 1 mins chart, there was a big engulfing candle with massive volume. So I went long for a 5 mins ORB, my stop loss is a bit below VWAP. it popped up and I started to scale out. Nevertheless, I scaled out too quickly and leave some money on the table there. Trade 2 - I noticed HAL couldn't break below $21.50 level for sometimes. Then it squeezed up above the MA. I decided to go long for a VWAP reversal. Problem was that my entry was right into the 200 SMA. On the pullback, I added more to my position, but I got a bad fill. Unfortunately, HAL couldn't really break through the 200 SMA and I got stopped out. Given that there was the 200 SMA in the way and HAL was so close to VWAP, I probably shouldn't go long here. Maybe wait for a better set up or a better entry. Trade 3 - I just lost most of my gain in the morning so I decided to went back long with heavy size hoping that HAL is done with its consolidation period and will push to VWAP, it didn't and I got out. Trade 4 - Out of frustration, I went short on HAL when I saw a bearish engulfing pattern. Together with the MAs on the 5, it can be a good short. I waited a long time but eventually HAL dropped all the way down to low of the day and I just started to cover. I was able to get back the money that I lost. Well, I think I got super lucky. Shouldn't trade when I was upset about the money. Trade 5 - I noticed that HAL couldn't break through $21.4 which is low of the day. It was sort of a double bottoms. Doji candles appeared on the 5 and 15 mins. On the 15 mins high, I went long with a tight stop. I got stopped out. As soon as i got stopped out, it popped up like crazy with massive volume. I knew this was a long so I went back in with full size. Covered some at MAs and close to VWAP. Then, HAL popped up above VWAP and just ran to the moon and I missed the move... I blame myself for looking at P&L too much instead of focus on the set-up. SLB - Kinda choppy with long wicks. Probably shouldn't trade it. Trade 6 - Anyway, I took a 10 mins ORB on SLB. I got stopped out when it popped above 50 SMA. Trade 7 - I noticed an evening star pattern on the 1 mins chart, so I went short again below VWAP for another 10 mins ORB. It dropped and I started to cover but I didn't cover much shares because I expected SLB to drop lower. Trade 8 - SLB rejected VWAP, I shorted again, then when SLB showed weakness at low of the day, I just got out. Later in the day, SLB finally did the move that I want, but I doubt that I would hold it that long. Small win on SLB, probably enough to pay commissions and buy a meal or something Didn't trade very well today, but got super lucky. 6 trades max per day, don't over-trade! Don't cover profits too early!!!
  8. 9/13/2019 - Good Friday! 6 trades! Only 1 lost. The rest are B/E, small wins and medium wins. AAPL - Goldman Sachs downgraded AAPL. So people in our chat room is short biased on it. Brian was looking to do the rising devil "short at VWAP" if AAPL pops right to VWAP in the first few minutes, but it never did. Trade 1 - AAPL sold off in the first 5 mins, then it squeezed back up. Some very strong bullish candles on the 1 mins charts. On the pullback below VWAP, I went long anticipate that AAPl will pop above VWAP and MAs. Quickly, it popped and I started to cover. Then I noticed that it was forming a double bottom on the 1 mins chart. Also, there was a hammer doji on top so I got out of the rest of my position. Quickly after, it dumped to hell. I probably should pay more attention to APPL for a short, but I didn't. MU - The only reason MU was on my watch list was because of Andrew and it had a good daily chart. Trade 2 - Anyway, I noticed that MU squeezed above VWAP. a bull flag was formed in the 1 and 5 mins chart. Once it retested and held VWAP, I went long hoping for it to pop to 50 SMA. It popped to $50.50, I coverd 20%, then MU lost momentum and I got all out for just about B/E. I probably should have covered more at $50.50 when it clearly seemed to be a strong resistance. Also, my entry could have been better if I go long on the pullback below VWAP. BITA - It was on my 2nd watch list, but it had little volume in the open + the spread was bad so I knew it was garbage. Anyway, it popped up on the VWAP breakout scanner. Seemed like another bull flag to me, but this time the stock was above VWAP and MAs which was MUCH nicer. Again, I should have buy when it pulled back, but I hesitated and didn't get the perfect entry. Anyway, BITA popped up, I covered some, then it quickly dropped very fast and I just got out for a small profit. MO - This was supposed to be on my main watch list, but I forgot to move it there for some reasons, so I probably missed some moves on it in the open. Looking at the chart, I would see myself taking MO for a 15 mins ORB when it loses VWAP at 9:45~. Anyway, I noticed that MO was making a bottom. Double bottoms + indecision candle was formed. Then, a bullish engulfing candle squeezed all the shorts above the MAs. Looked like it want to do VWAP reversal to me, so I went long full size. It popped to $43.00, I covered some. Then, the rest at VWAP when it seemed like MO didn't have the power to break above VWAP. ORCL - On the watch list because I had a good day with it yesterday. Trade 5 - I noticed ORCL reversed back to VWAP making higher highs and higher lows on the 5 mins. When it popped above previous's day close, it seemed to retest and hold that level on the 1 mins chart, so I decided to long. Unfortunately, it didn't have power to push higher. I probably should have get out a bit sooner when it formed a hammer on the 5 mins chart right as a resistance level. Also, my entry is not ideal. It was sort of right as a resistance so maybe wait for ORCL to retest the VWAP instead of retest the previous's day close level. #BadTrade Trade 6 - After I got stopped out. I realzed that ORCL just did a VWAP false breakout. The hammer on top of the trend right at the previous's day close mean that ORCL just got rejected by a strong resistance. On the 1 mins chart, ORCL just dropped below VWAP, retested VWAP again and fail. That was the signal for me to go short. ORCL dropped, and I started to cover. I was hoping for it to drop lower than $53.6, but it squeezed up and I got out immediately.
  9. 9/12/2019 - Today is a good day. I only traded twice. I noticed a lot of opportunities in the market, but I want to make sure today is a green day to build up my confidence so I only traded twice. ORCL - CEO stepped down and earning. Saw this in Kurt and another mod watch list and decided to put it in my secondary watch list. Trade 1 - ORCL sold off in the first 5 minutes. It dropped back to VWAP to retest and failed. I decided to go short right away at around $54 with the stop loss above VWAP for a 5 mins ORB. It dropped and I started to cover. The last piece I got out at $53.2~ when I noticed that ORCL just sort of bounced back from $53.00 which can be a potential support level. Also, it formed a bullish engulfing candle on the 1 minute chart. Trade 2- ORCL reversed to VWAP but got rejected perfectly at VWAP. On the 5 minutes, it was forming a bearish engulfing candle. Since, I already made my money for the day, I decided to go short but with a smaller position. ORCL dropped down to $53.15 and I covered 30%. I expected it to drop a bit more at least to $53. However, it bounced back from that area and I realized ORCL wasn't weak anymore so I got out at my B/E. Made a small profit on ORCL as I took a small position and I didn't scale out much. I'm totally fine with this outcome though. Usually when this set up occurs, the stock will more likely to drop a lot lower than what ORCL did today. (note: the trades around 10:20 are just for testing hot-key purposes) I also made 2 SIM trades today. Just can't help it lol KR - Also in play today. Had some catalysts that I don't remember. Trade 1 - I saw that KR rejected the $25 level with sort of a double top. On the 5 minutes, it was making lower highs and lower lows. So I decided to go short. I added to my position 2 times, just small sizes. However, I noticed that KR couldn't break below $24.7 which was a level that I had. At this moment, I realized that KR might be doing a pullback to push higher so I bailed for a small loss. Trade 2 -For a long time KR was consolidating at $24.7 level. Then I noticed the volume kicked in and it popped above MAs. It looked like the consolidation period was over and the stock was ready to pop. I went long right away with a stop loss below at $24.69 which is 1 cent below the $24.7 level. KR popped to $24.9, I covered some, then it popped higher and I started cover towards VWAP. Later, KR ran to the moon, but again, I got enough out of it. VWAP is a strong resistance level so I wasn't sure if it could break through VWAP especially with a daily level and the 20 EMA in that area. As a result, I just wanted to take my profits and run. Maybe I should cover less at $24.9. I covered 30% of my original position there for about a 10 cents per share, but it seemed unnecessary. I'll add a hotkey to cover 20% of my position tonight so that if a stock go to the moon, I will have some shares to go to the moon too
  10. 9/11/2019 - The goal of today was to play safe and only take good set ups and I did just that! MU - In play. Had 300k+ volume pre-market which is pretty decent for MU. It broke recent high in pre-market so it looks very good for a long today. I was extremely long biased on MU. Trade 1: MU dropped down below VWAP and MAs, but people bought it back up. Then it popped above all of the MAs. I went long for a 1 mins ORB with 500 shares. It popped and I started to cover, the last peace I got out when it broke below VWAP. Trade 2: MU was holding the MAs + VWAP, I decided to go long again for ABCD. It took too long so I just kinda bailed out. Trade 3: As soon as I got out, MU popped, I noticed the volume kick in with some big buyers. So I got back in and had another nice move. Here is my P&L for the day AEY was a garbage not in play stock that popped up on the scanner. I got in for 1000 shares by hotkey mistake. The spread was bad, so I tried to get out right away for a small loss.
  11. About 4%. I will lower the risk today. Thank you for your words Mike. Let's hope for a good day!
  12. 9/10/2019 - I went live today. A bit unlucky and a bit because I was too nervous. Again, I was feeling that I need to take some trades to make some money on my first day. So I took some bad B set-up and it backfired. WEN - In play today. Had okay volume. Trade 1 - Wendy was the perfect set up for a 5 mins ORB. I noticed that it rejects the MAs and VWAP twice in the first 5 minutes. On the second time, I went short putting my stop loss above VWAP. Unfortunately, WEN did a pullback and that pullback looked a bit like a double bottom on the 1 to me so I bailed. WEN never even break the VWAP though. So that was my fault. Guess I was too nervous? Oh well, these things happen. Trade 2 - Wendy bottomed perfectly at $19.95 which is a level I had on the daily chart. It popped above VWAP, a bullish engulfing candle was formed. It dropped back to test VWAP and held so I decided to go long putting my stop loss below VWAP because this is a squeeze and the shorts have to cover. One problem was that there were so many MAs in the way. This trade is OKAY. the squeeze can brea above all of these MAs. I don't hate myself so much for taking this trade, but again, I could have wait for a cleaner move where the MAs are not in the way or at least farther from the price. Trade 3 - I noticed WEN just broke below $19.95 which is an important support level as well as low of the day. I decided to go short. However, I took such a big size that on the pullback, DAS stopped me out as I had already reached the max $150 lost on WEN. Quickly after, WEN dropped like crazy, it never even break the 9 EMA... AMD - Wasn't in play today, but it usually follow SPY. Also, on the daily chart, it looked very bearish and it seemed that it might break down today. Trade 4 - I noticed a VWAP false breakout on AMD. Then I noticed AMD couldn't break above VWAP, so I short below VWAP and MAs twice. Unfortunately, it never have the power to push down lower. This set up is A- for me. The only problem was that AMD didn't have any catalyst. CTRP - I just got stopped out on WEN on a supposed to be winning trade. I was mad, I tried to look for a way to recover my money. Then, Andrew called out on a short on CTRP. I checked out the chart. On the 5 minutes chart, CTRP just formed and evening star pattern. CTRP just cracked VWAP and all of the MAs levels like it was nothing. On the 1 minute chart, I noticed that CTRP just rejected the 50 mins SMA and it was about to test the 200 SMA as well as the $34.00 whole dollar level. Anyway, I decided to go short to try to get back my money at $34.10~. CTRP struggled to break this level for a long time. Usually the longer it takes to break a support level like this, the more like that it will bounce from here. I got scared so I covered for a small profit, Andrew covered everything quickly after as well. Here is my P&L for the day. -$194.65 if we don't include commissions. I felt unlucky today. Lot of random things happened. Many of the trades I took have reasonable set-ups but things wouldn't work out. As if the market want me to go back to sim. NO! I'm not going back to SIM, you can beat me down but I won't give up.
  13. 9/9/2019 - I tried to catch some extreme reversals today, all failed miserably. I blame myself for not looking at the 15 mins chart, instead I depended too much on the 5 mins chart. Need to look for stronger support/resistance levels on the daily charts before I try to catch a fallen knife in the future. T - I noticed that T was bouncing back from $37.60 level. It was making a double bottom on the 1 mins chart. However, on the 5 minutes chart, it had still been trending down so I hesitated to take the trade. Then, Andrew called it out on the chat and I was like "YES!!!!!", he didn't take the trade though.. haha too bad for him because it popped up instantly . Anyway, I just started to cover at the MAs. On the 5 mins chart, there was a 5 minute bullish engulfing candle for a 5 mins ORB. As a result, I decided to add to my position on the pullback when it seemed to hold the 9 and 20 EMA on the 1 mins chart. Sadly, T didn't have the strength to push higher... and I got out giving back a small profit #Moving Averages are too strong of resistances! (Totally fine with the add though!) Later on, I tried to catch T at its bottom 2 times, but failed miserably. Probably shouldn't have because T was trending down badly, and there were no real supports at the level that it was bouncing back from. ACAD - I noticed that ACAD just rejected the 20 EMA + 9 EMA on the 5 mins chart. There was a big bearish engulfing candle. ACAD was pulling back to test the MAs. On the 1 minute chart, it seemed to just reject the 50 SMA. That was when I decided to go short with a stop loss above the MA. Probably an okay idea. However, I failed to notice that ACAD bounced back perfectly from $38.00 level which can be a strong support. Secondly, it just formed a hammer on the 1 mins chart. As a result, this was another unnecessary trade to take. AAPL - AAPL looked very good on the daily chart. It seemed as if today was the day it is going to breakout so I was long biased on AAPL. Anyway, I noticed that AAPL was consolidating around the VWAP and some support levels. Then, I noticed a big ask on AAPL at $215.50, I got in right away at $215.40 something. It quickly popped up and I started to cover towards $216.3. Very proud of this trade. Sadly, my account didn't have enough buying power to take larger position on AAPL. As a matter of fact, it was only a small profit despite almost catching the entire move. CRWD - Another bad example of trying to catch a fallen knife. I noticed CRWD was on the Reversal Scanner so I take a look. CRWD was bouncing back from $67.25, so I looked at the daily level and found a level at $67.37. This level seemed pretty weak but I still put it on there because I wanted to catch a knife catcher like Robert or something -_- Well, I went long based entirely on that support level and got stopped out quickly. #BadTrade Lessons for me for today is that: #1 - Take less of these extreme reversals!!! If you do, size it down! Also, look at the 15 mins chart!! On the daily chart, find REAL and STRONG support/resistance levels! Weak ones or unclear ones are GARBAGES. #2 - Respect your stop loss! Put in a stop loss order quickly! Don't change your stop loss once you're in the trade!!!! #3 - Try to take mostly A set-ups, avoid feeling the need to take the trades when the set up is not RIGHT. Note: Guys, please leave some feedback about my trades if you have any! I would love to hear some criticisms! Thank you
  14. I considered taking the same trade on DOCU at around $56.36 when Andrew called it out in the chat, but something about it made me not wanting to take the trade. Now that I think about it, there were so many MAs in the way on the 1 minutes chart. Especially when there were a 200 SMA in the 1 and 50 SMA in the 5 which can be very strong resistance. Andrew probably realized that this was a quick scalp because I saw him scaling out most of his positions quickly at that $56.80 area. If I remember correctly, the thought of holding towards high of the day wasn't even there for him. Perhaps he had a feeling that the stock is weak? I don't know, just wanted to share my observation on how Andrew took the trade lol.
  15. This strategy looks like the typical ABCD pattern to me.
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